Here are 10 awesome Eidi Gift ideas to bring joy to your loved ones

eidi gifts

Confused about what presents to buy for your relatives and friends on the occasion of Meethi Eid? Wondering what Eidi gift can earn you the smile and shock of your loved ones. Well, now you can rest easy cause we have got the thinking cap to solve your dilemmas.


Here are 10 great Eidi gift ideas:

1- Madovercraft Handicrafts


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Madovercraft is a dedicated online shop that devises one of the best handmade products in India. Their colourful and quality assured handicrafts are a thing of beauty. Your friends and family will be blown away by the sheer standard of their product. You can also customise your order to make it more unique and appealing for the receiver.

2- Dark Chocolates

After consuming too many sweets on Meethi Eid, everyone longs for something different to savour. By giving away Dark chocolates as Eidi gift, you can bring uniqueness to traditionally exchanged goods and products.

3- Homemade Biryani

There is nothing we can say about the appreciation of Biryani that is not known about one of the most loved cuisines in India. Homemade biryani packs the cook’s love with its taste and aroma, which adds to the beauty of this gift.

4- Kemami Sewaiyan

Kemami Sewaiyan is a popular traditional dish prepared in Muslim households on Eid-Al-Fitr. The sweet dish has been shared among the people for many years, and we find no reason to continue the wonderful tradition.

5- New Clothes

Who doesn’t love getting new clothes as gifts at festivals? You can bring joy to your loved ones by secretly shopping for a pair of clothes as Eidi gift.

6- Luxury Perfumes


You smell nice is one the best compliments a person can get. So by gifting a luxury perfume to your loved ones on Meethi Eid, you can bring about several of those compliments for them in the future. And guess what? Whenever they put on the perfume, they are reminded of you. Quite romantic, isn’t it?

7- Handmade greeting card

Handmade gifts are still the best cause it shows the effort someone has put in to make a gift for you. On this Eid, surprise your close ones by creating a handmade greeting card that will bring tears of joy to their eyes.

8- Cash

If anyone says that they don’t want cash as a gift on Eid, there can possibly be one explanation that is; they are lying. Everything people consume can be bought with cash, so why not go old school and pick up an envelope, put a generous amount of money in it and give it to your friends and family to do whatever they want with the cash.

9- Customised name or photo printed gifts

There are tons of websites on the internet where you can order a customised gift with the receiver’s name or photo printed. You can save yourself the hassle by ordering an adorable gift from the comfort of your home through this method.

10- A tour package

If you have the budget and don’t care about the money you need to spend to bring smiles to the faces of closed ones, you can go as far as buying a tour package for your family or friends to make this Eid-Al-Fitr memorable.

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