7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

From gripping thrillers to poignant dramas and heartwarming comedies, Korean movies have carved a distinct niche in the realm of international cinema.


There are a lot of great Korean movies out there on Netflix. Movies like Train To Busan or Parasite are prime examples that will keep you hooked! Movies like these are what make Korean culture all the more likeable and at the same time provide a lot for the entertainment industry. Today we will look into some of the best iconic Korean movies that you’ll be able to stream on Netflix while laxing on a comfy couch! So, make sure to read until the end! 

  1. Train To Busan
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

Train To Busan is a South-Korean action Horror film that made big waves in the entertainment industry after its initial release way back in 2016! This movie’s world is set in a post-apocalyptic world for most of the movie’s original run-time. The movie explains the story of a workaholic man Seok-Woo who with his daughter was on a train to Busan to celebrate her birthday with his mother. In between their trip to Busan, they were interrupted by an unwanted guest who is none other than a Zombie.

Yes, a Zombie and from there a series of chain reactions of events took place one after another to form the plot. This movie is widely known for its amazing storytelling, plot and character development etc. Make sure to watch this movie as soon as you can if you haven’t already!

  1. Love And Leashes
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

This movie by Park Hyun-Jin explores the topics like BDSM and rom-com. This movie made its debut way back on the 11th of February 2022. It is a romantic comedy movie that elucidates the story of Ji-Woo who was introduced to the world of BDSM by his colleague Ji-Hoo. It is a completely new experience for him.

A world that he had never in his entire life crossed paths with invaded his life unexpectedly! The film is sweet and wholesome as a whole. Moreover, Seohyun and Lee’s apparent chemistry will leave you with no choice other than to root for them! 

  1. Lucid Dream 
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

This South-Korean movie came out in the year 2017. It is written and directed by a much-renowned director Joon-Sung Kim. The famous sci-fi drama Lucid Dream delves deep into the themes such as a father’s love for his beloved child or personal strength whether it may be physical or mental. This movie is praised for the commendable acting done by the actors and various other reasons like story etc. Lucid Dream relies on its mystery part to keep fans glued to their screens.

  1. Sweet And Sour 
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

This movie plunges into the themes such as romance and comedy. Sweet and Sour depicts the numerous struggles and countless celebrations in dating. The cute interactions between Jand Ki-Yong, Krystal Jung, and Chae Soo-Bin will make your day. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed after witnessing such work.

Even if there are some cultural differences, it doesn’t hinder its likeability across the globe. Go watch it now!

  1. Veteran
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

Detective Seo Do-Cheol (Hwang Jung-Min) has set his mind and steeled his resolve to bring down the Millionaire Jo Tae-Ho (Yoo Ah-In) who runs a big crime syndicate secretly and also attempted to murder Hwang’s friend. As you might already know what I am about to say now is that this movie packs a lot of action scenes which only acts as a plus point for the movie. This movie is liked by many. Everyone must give this movie a try as it’ll be worth your while!

  1. Forgotten
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

This is a psychological thriller movie that explores the life of a young man Jin-Seok. He lives a modest life with his parents and an older brother Yoo-Seok. On a certain night, Yoo-Seok was kidnapped in front of his brother Jin-Seok. However, after 19 days the seemingly kidnapped Yoo-Seok returns to his home.

There wasn’t anything strange or noticeably different about his behaviour or nature at first. However, after some days Jin-Seok started to notice some changes in the behavioural patterns of his beloved brother and it only increases with every day. He decides to investigate this matter further and to catch the perpetrators to uncover the truth of that uneventful night that made his brother a completely new person. Will Jin-Seok be able to uncover the truth?

Will his brother be normal again? You’ll have to watch this movie to find the answers to these questions! 

  1. Unlocked
7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in July 2023

This is a psychological thriller film directed by Kim Tae-Joon as his directorial debut. This movie was recently released on the 17th of February 2023. Lee Na-Mi is an ordinary office worker who is used to working every day for hours. One day she loses her smartphone whilst traversing on the bus.

Her smartphone was picked up by a stranger. Lee Na-Mi uses a friend’s phone to self-dial her number. That stranger who picked up the phone instructs her to drop by and pick up her phone at a repair shop while using a fake voice converter app to change his voice. Oh Jun-Yeaong(the stranger who picked up Na-Mi’s phone on the bus) installs spyware in her phone to monitor her!

This movie will prove to be a great watch. So, one should definitely give it a try!

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