33 Latest Boys Mehndi Design Ideas For All the Off-Beat Mundas in Town


Boys mehndi design ideas for all the offbeat guys in town are covered here because why should girls have all the fun? While women are known to experiment with tons of mehndi design ideas that include front-hand mehndi design, back-hand mehndi design, finger mehndi design and whatnot. On the other hand, men are always expected to somehow shine in some other way despite having the charm of mehndi on their hands. Well, we say not anymore. It’s time to change the old-age customs that said boys and gents can’t have mehndi designs carved on their hands. Gone are those days when thoughts like these dominated the common sphere. Now, the new-age grooms seek the best mehndi design at their hands so that they too can steal the spotlight at their weddings. I mean who does not want to be the centre of attention in today’s time? And what’s better than the best boys mehndi designs that range from being royal, Indo-Arabic, and traditional to completely modern?

Boys Mehndi Design

Here we have covered the best boys mehndi design that will make you a topic of hot discussion at any event. This blog is for the offbeat Mundas (gents) who want to try mehndi on their hands at least once. The rules of the game have certainly changed and nowadays many boys have started to wear mehndi on their hands without having the need for any function. This popular trend of boys mehndi design is catching fire and we don’t see it dying any time soon. It’s best to jump on board with this latest trend and start trying the latest groom mehndi designs to be the one who mesmerises everyone at a wedding. Moreover, the best boys mehndi design for you will make you shine brighter than anyone else. It will make you the most modernised men at any function. Often, the guys are reluctant to try mehndi at their hands as they tend to associate it with girls and somewhat label it as a feminine thing. But that is all changing and we believe that the day when boys mehndi design will become more popular than girls mehndi design is not very far away.

With this let’s find out the trendy, latest, modern and most popular boys mehndi design right now.

33 Best Boys Mehndi Design Ideas

Modern boys mehndi design

Latest groom mehndi design

Popular gents front hand mehndi design for wedding

Royal front hand boys mehndi design for wedding

Modern groom mehndi design

Traditional mens mehndi design

Latest Ganesh Ji boys mehndi design

Modern Dulha mehndi design

Trendy floral gents mehndi design

New boys mehndi design for wedding

Trendy royal groom mehndi design

Religious mehndi design for gents that can also be tried on back hand

Traditional boys mehndi design

Easy gents mehndi design

Simple mehndi design for Dulha

Modern easy boys mehndi design

Most popular mens mehndi design

Traditional groom mehndi design

Geometry mehndi design idea for boys

Trendy royal mehndi design for hands and feet for boys

Easiest boys mehndi design

Back hand groom mehndi design

Beautiful boys mehndi design

Gents back hand mehndi design

Easy Dulha mehndi design

Must-try boys mehndi design

Stylish groom mehndi design

Intricate boys mehndi design

Latest back hand gents mehndi design

Groom to be mehndi design

Highly detailed boys mehndi design

Wonderful boys mehndi design

Picture perfect boys mehndi design

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