Planning to build a house? Here are 5 stores that can save you money


Building a house is a strenuous task that requires a ton of effort and money. If not planned carefully, one can even end up in considerable debt. Currently, in Delhi, you have to pay 200 rupees per square foot to the builder while hiring their service for the construction of your house.

Some of you might be thinking 200 rupees per square foot does not sound bad, Isn’t it? Well, let me just give you a reality check. Suppose you have a house of around 120 square yards, which roughly translates to 1100 square feet.

Now, if you calculate the money you’ve got to spend, it would round up to ₹2,20,000 just for the ground floor. And just to let you know, that is just the sum one would have to pay the builder; other necessary things like material for construction and decoration all that is not even included in this.

Furthermore, if you add in the cost of materials, furniture and other essentials, your cost for the ground floor would multiply by almost three times. Just for 120 square yards, you spend around ₹6.6 lac only after going for the essentials. If you want something extra, the cost would just end up getting more and more.

Suddenly 200 rupees per square foot is starting to sound bad, Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the builder’s charge, but you can cut the amount of money spent on construction material, furniture, sanitary and hardware products and other things by ordering from these 5 stores that we are going to reveal. So, keep scrolling if you plan to build a house without borrowing loads of money from others.

5 stores to save money while building a house:

1- Hippo Stores

Hippo Stores can be your one-stop solution for all the materials you need to construct your house. Their range is vast and diverse, which gives you an ample amount of choices. Under one roof, they harbour products from various brands that are famous for providing house materials. Moving on to the main question, how do they help in cutting the amount of money spent while building a house?

Hippo Store

Well, for starters, they offer prices at a wholesale irrespective of the quantity you purchase. Also, there are several offers running on specific brands at a time which you can quickly check through their official website to spend your money cleverly and effectively. Moreover, their best feature is that they can provide with you an estimate of your total cost just by getting the basic details from you. So, if you think their estimations are over the top, you can opt for other stores listed below here.

Redirect to Hippo Stores online platform


IKEA, the Swedish brand famous for selling house essentials at a very cheap rate, has come to India in a few select places. Currently, they have stores in Hyderabad and Mumbai and an online presence in around 6-7 cities in India. However, they soon plan to expand, so there is a chance that when you finalise your decision about constructing a house, you can opt for their physical or online stores.

ikea hyderabad

Unlike Hippo Stores, they are not a one-stop solution, and you won’t find raw material for construction and electrical wires at IKEA stores. However, IKEA is a place that can help you decorate your house with ease. What happens after a building is constructed? You put in furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom decoration and more to make a house your home. IKEA lets you do that at astonishingly lower prices.

Also, you can check out their premade rooms section at their online store to get an idea of how to customise your hallway, drawing room, bedroom, business room and more. One suggestion if you are visiting their physical store, please don’t go alone because this place is nothing lesser than a maze that will have you admiring products and their prices all day long.

Click Here to Visit the IKEA online store

3- Balaji Sanitary and Hardware

Balaji Sanitary and Hardware is one of the best shops to visit if you want to save money while building your house. Situated in Faridabad, Haryana, the shop is known for having some of the cheapest sanitary and hardware products, which start as low as just 20 rupees. One can contact them to get their goods home delivered as they have a pan India network.

balaji sanitary and hardware products for house building

If you are looking to give a modern look to your newly built washrooms at cheaper costs, then this is the place you should shop from. Their modernised gallery of products is vast and will offer you tons of variety to choose from. At times that variety might actually confuse you because of the quality of the product at lower prices.

Plywood, paints, water storage tank, pipes and more are readily available at the store. They deal in both wholesale and retail, making them an ideal choice to shop from.

Address: B-339, Ashoka Enclave Main, Sector 35, Faridabad, Haryana

Contact No. for Booking: 9354109001

4- Arora Sanitarywares

Arora Sanitarywares is among the best places to choose sanitary products for your house from a wide variety of products. They specialise in sanitary, and their goods in this category are priced just right for the buyers to save money while building a house. With a delivery network that has a pan India range, their store is becoming more and more popular.

sanitary product for house

Their stylish but sturdy wash basins, showers, toilet pots, led mirrors, and other products will definitely fascinate you when you visit the store. Luckily, they deal in both wholesale and retail, which means that you do not have to buy a bulk of products to get the best discounts. Sanitary products gulp up a massive chunk of the money you secure for building the house of your dreams. By visiting their shop, you effectively reduce that cost to some extent.

Address: 14A, Baldev Park, Parwana Road, Delhi – 110051

Contact No: 9582345179, 9891198720

5- Bhupender Electronics

We have talked about hardware, sanitarywares, construction material and other basic things, but one thing that needed to be addressed was the issue regarding electrical equipment required while making a house your home. Money spent on electrical items is almost equal to the amount you have to spend on sanitarywares and hardware. It took a lot of research to find this gem of a store that deals in both retail and wholesale in terms of electrical products.

electrical items shop

You can shop for wires, standard and modular switches, lighting, and more at this place. What’s more, the owner has an original brand called Polytech. Bhupender Electronics assures that Polytech is as good as industry leaders like Havells and Plaza. They give a warranty to put a seal on their promise. Certainly, a store you should visit while shopping for electrical items for your home.

Address: Shop Number- 1, Deewan Hall, Old Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk Delhi- 110006

Contact No: 9999460748


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