10 Best Romantic Novels of the 21st Century


Romance is perhaps the most famous literary genre, with thousands of writers producing countless beautiful works. Romantic novels have the unique distinction of touching the hearts and souls of readers with tons of different emotions. To quote Jane Austen,

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.”


Romantic literature brings out that softness in our hearts that reminds us to be kind and philanthrope. Without love, Earth will not sustain even a single moment. No matter how much we emphasise the significance of otherworldly things, in the end, it’s our desire and connections that provide us with a reason to live.

Here are the ten best romantic novels of this century:

1- To All the Boys I’ve Loved before

Author: Jenny Han

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This novel is inspired by the author’s own habit of writing letters to her crushes when she was a teen. The story follows a teenager named Lara who writes letters to the boys she has crushes on but keeps them hidden in a secret box. However, one day she finds out that her secret has been discovered, and the plot takes a sharp turn.

2- Twilight

Author: Stephenie Mayer

The first book in the Twilight series was a great work of art that searched for romance in a completely different setting. Mayer introduces her main character Bella in a town imbued with vampires and werewolves. Bella falls in love with a vampire, and the story turns on its head to bring unexpected twists and turns.

3- How to Love

Author: Katie Cotungo

In this heartbreaking novel, Katie weaves the story of a couple from a small town in Florida. The plot follows Reena and Sawyer, who fall in love in no time. However, Sawyer disappears from the the town when Reena gets pregnant only to show up three years later and stir the tension again.

4- The Wedding Date

Author: Jasmine Guillory

This lighthearted romantic novel is filled with flirting and comedy. The story follows a fake date that turns into something much more than the couple bargained for. Even though it’s a debut novel, it feels like the work of a seasoned artist.

5- An Extraordinary Union

Author: Alyssa Cole

An Extraordinary Union is an extraordinary tale of a fierce enslaved person who turns into an undercover spy in the era of the Civil War. Trouble starts when she falls in love while maintaining the peace at any cost. Will she sacrifice or love, or the novel has a happy ending for the troubled protagonist? Read this enthralling tale to find out.

6- Red, White and Royal Blue

Author: Casey Mcquiston

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A breakthrough romantic novel that breaks away from societal convention and norms. The fictional LGBT romance story follows the budding love between the first son of the United States of America and Prince Harry of the United Kingdom.

7- Virgin River

Author: Robyn Carr

Virgin River has already inspired three seasons of romantic drama on Netflix. The story follows a nurse trying to run away from her past. She relocates from Los Angeles to a remote town in Northern California. Nevertheless, she finds a lot of surprising things in the city.

8- Not Quite A Husband

Author: Sherry Thomas

Winner of the Romance Writers of America award in the Historical Romance category, Not Quite A Husband is a beautiful work of art. It tells the tale of a couple who gets separated soon after the marriage due to the husband’s careless nature. The novel depicts a strong-willed female character that is adored by many.

9- It Ends With Us

Author: Colleen Hoover

This romantic novel will stick with you for many days after reading it. Colleen Hoover crafts a narrative so emotional and heartbreaking that it might make you question your love for others. Sometimes who you love the most hurts you the most. This novel breathes life into this phrase.

10- Marshmallows for Breakfast

Author: Dorothy Koomson

A captivating tale that explores the meaning of love, family and friendship. The novel is a bitter-sweet experience that will make you crave more. The story is a gripping tale of redemption, hardships and finding love when one expects it the least.

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