10 new Gmail features that will improve the user experience and enhance functionality


Gmail is an extremely life saver for both personal and professional purposes. Learning as many of its functions as possible will make your life a lot easier. After five long years, Gmail finally received a much-needed design change on Wednesday. However, style is not the only thing that has changed with the new Gmail; a slew of new features have been introduced to both the online and mobile interfaces. Among these are various AI-powered capabilities like as Smart Answer, email snoozing, and encouraging recipients to respond. Gmail now contains privacy-focused improvements such as a new Confidential mode, a redesigned risk warning, and the option to unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Gmail features.

Here is a list of the 10 Exciting Gmail Features that will improve user experience and save a lot of time

  1. Email Shortcuts feature

When you mouse over an email message in your Google account, shortcuts such as Archive, Cancel, Mark as Read, and Snooze appear directly next to the sample.  Snooze is the most recent feature, allowing you to postpone emails that you cannot handle right now. On the right-hand side, you’ll also find shortcuts to apps like Keep, Tasks, and Google Calendar. These functionalities are presently accessible in Gmail’s Mailbox.

  1. Suggestions for responses

Do you ever get confused about what to say in response to an email message? Or do you find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over? Gmail’s new recommended answers feature could be excellent for you. Google may offer several text snippets to you at the bottom of certain messages, encouraging your initial reply to the email. In a mail, for instance, if someone gives a recommendation or delays an order, you might get replies like these: If you click on any of them, an email draught with the chosen text will be created. And don’t concern you will be able to further tweak the message as you see appropriate.

  1. Nudges feature

If you haven’t answered an email in a couple of days and Google’s engine believes it deserves a response, it may appear at the front of your inbox, along with a friendly prompt to answer or follow up on the communication. It is one of the new features of Gmail notifications that many people will appreciate. You can disable Nudges if you find them more irritating than helpful. Simply go to Settings and look for Nudges underneath the General section; you can even turn on/off emails to respond to and follow up on individually.

  1. Risk Alerts

Risk warning feature on Gmail

When Gmail on the Web identifies a message from a potentially suspicious sender, it will now present a risk warning popup. The warning will show the wording “This communication appears harmful and provide a Delete Now option”. This will provide some security against relying on malicious links in emails that trap the reader in a phishing/impersonation scheme.

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  1. Display densities have been increased

In the old Gmail, you could vary the display intensity of your Mailbox, but the new Gmail provides new styles that may change your basic choice. When you go to Settings, one of the initial settings you’ll notice is Display density. You can instantly switch among Default, Comfortable, and Compact modes.

  1. Offline mode by default

Gmail on the web is also getting a new native offline option that functions similarly to Google Docs’ offline version. When Wi-Fi connectivity is missing, allows users to search, write, answer, erase, and archive up to 90 days’ amount of messages and work uninterrupted. Offline mode will be useful in locations with poor Internet access or while traveling, allowing users to save their information. The capability will be added to G Suite in the following weeks.

  1. Connect your Google Calendar

You’ll notice numerous new icons on the right edge of the display, each representing a distinct new tool to assist you to be more efficient. A Calendar icon at the top allows you to connect with Google Calendar. When this option is activated, you may instantly browse all of your booked activities in line with your Mailbox and add additional events at any moment.

  1. Tasks

Tasks were one of the most grossly underappreciated features on the old version of Gmail; many users didn’t even realize you could build task lists within Gmail depending on email communications or outside tasks, then tick them off as you completed them. You can also create and organize them even more easily.

  1. Confidential Mode

Confidential mode feature on Gmail

One of the best Gmail features is the confidential mode, it is facilitated by Information Rights Management (IRM). The mode, which is accessible while writing an email, allows senders to restrict recipients from sharing, copying/pasting, saving, and printing the text of the email. This also works when emailing non-Gmail people by delivering a link rather than the real email. If you emailed another Gmail user, the link will be retrieved and shown when the sent email is read, while other email readers will just see the link; in both circumstances, the security precautions you established will be in effect.

  1. Improved hovercards.

In Traditional Gmail, you could click over a user’s name, name, email, or picture to see a few key bits of information about that individual. You’ll now see simple links to contact them, plan an appointment with them, begin a Hangout chat with them, or video conference with them.

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