New YouTube Feature Alert! You Can Now Skip Chapters with a Double Tap

New YouTube Feature

The new feature that YouTube has launched is beneficial. Not only does it make it easy to watch videos while doing other tasks, but it also increases the accessibility of the video-sharing platform.

Adding onto their already existing tap-based fast forward and rewind feature, this chapter-skipping feature enables you to perform the same actions but with a double finger tap to distinguish between the two.

New YouTube Feature

You can only do this on videos under which the video creator has mentioned and defined the chapters clearly in the video description. If they haven’t, you will obviously be unable to make use of this feature.

How Was It Discovered?

A user on Reddit, @u/magnatronmusic31, was the first one who noticed this feature. It was not officially announced by YouTube anywhere. The website Gadgets360 then went on to verify the user’s claims, and they were indeed true.

“When users double-tap on the right side of the video player, it skips to the next chapter. Users would have to double-tap on the left side of the video player to rewind to the previous chapter,” said Gadgets360 after they verified the user’s claims.

If you don’t have this feature yet, don’t worry. Like most updates, this too will be coming on an account-to-account basis.

According to various reports, it’s not exclusive to a certain operating system; it works on Android and iOs. 

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Other New Feature

Excitingly enough, this isn’t the only new feature YouTube has released. There’s something called the ‘slide to seek gesture that has been added as well. On Reddit, a user who goes by @u/FragmentedChicken discovered this new feature.

This feature makes skipping videos as smooth as butter. 

To use this feature, follow the following steps:

1.You would first need to tap and hold your finger anywhere on the screen.

2.Then, slide left to rewind and right to skip ahead.

3.Doing these actions will show you a small thumbnail of the content you are overlooking.

With this, you can get to the point in the video you want to without any hindrance.

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YouTube has been able to satisfy the needs of its audience. It has devised every feature one can think of to make your YouTube experience exciting and easy. Stay tuned for more!

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