Here’s how to recover your Gmail password without a recovery email and phone number


Forgetting your Gmail password is nothing less than committing a sin in today’s world. A Gmail account is an absolute necessity in today’s environment as it helps in keeping in touch with your work requirements and gives off a professional vibe. However, if an individual unfortunately forgets their password, it becomes a huge hassle to recover that. What’s more frightening is that without a recovery email and phone number, you might not be able to actually get the password of your Gmail account. However, don’t worry because we have found just the solutions for your problems.

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Steps to recover Gmail password without recovery email and phone number:


1- Open up the Gmail Login page and type in your Gmail username. Of course, you have forgotten the password, so don’t waste a second clicking on the text where it says, Forget password.

2- When you click on that text, a pop up will show up on your screen, and Google will provide you with three options to recover your Gmail account.

These three ways are:

  • Get your password by entering the details of a recovery email which you have earlier linked with your Gmail account.
  • Receive an OTP on the phone number you have listed with Google if you forget your password.
  • The final option is to click on “try another way of signing in.”

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3- You have to click on option c if you do not have a recovery email or password.

4- When you click on option c, you will get a notification on the device where you are already logged in through your Google account.

5- The notification will ask you to verify your identity from the device where you are already logged in, and once you do that, you will be easily able to log in on another device.

However, even though this method works 100 percent, it has certain limits. Such as, you need to be already logged in on another device. If you are not, then consider yourself doomed. Therefore, always keep the passwords in a safe place to get access to them in case you end up forgetting.

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