Top 10 Old Songs Telugu Melody List- Download & Listen Anywhere

Greatest old songs in Telugu


Old Songs Telugu Melody List- Download & Listen Anywhere: Nostalgia hits hard, and all the beautiful memories of the past come running back to us when we listen to the old Telugu melodies. The Telugu songs of today’s generation have lost the perfect touch that was present in the old days. The old Telugu songs have the power to soothe your body and mind and make you feel calmer and fulfilled. For those who do not like the new Telugu songs that are all about pomp and show, then this is the list for them. Here you will find everything you want to listen to.

The Old Sons Telugu Melody List contains tracks which you can easily save or download on YouTube to listen to anywhere and whenever you want.

Top 10 Old Songs Telugu Melody List- Download & Listen Anywhere

Top 10 Old Songs Telugu Melody List- Download & Listen Anywhere on YouTube

1- Yemi Cheyamanduve

Sung by Shankar Mahadevan for the old Telugu film Priyuralu Pilichindi, Yemi Cheyamanduve is a soothing romantic melody that will captivate your heart and soul with its music. It is surely one of the best old Telugu songs to listen to if you love calming music. The song features South Indian actors Thala Ajith and Tabu in the video.

2- Ananda Paramananda

If you love old songs in Telugu that are quite religious and spiritual, then you will find this melody magical. Sung by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and K. S. Chithra for the film Sri Manjunatha, Ananda Paramananda is a majestic old Telugu song that deserves to be on your playlist.

3- Oyammo Shaku

This old songs Telugu melody list would have been complete without including this fun track that is still one of the best melodies in the Telugu language. The song is sung by L.R. Eswari and featured in the film Seethamma Pelli which starred Murali Mohan, Mohan babu and Revathi.

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4- Adaraho Adaharaha

A classic old Telugu romantic song, Adaraho Adaharaha is a soulful track to listen to. The song was part of the film Rangoon Rowdy which starred Jayaprada, Krishnam Raju, Mohan Babu and Deepa in the lead.

5- Tholi Choopu Oka Parichayam

One of the best old Telugu songs in the romance genre, Tholi Choopu Oka Parichayam is a beautiful track that deserves all the praise in the world. It was part of the film Addala Meda which featured Dasari Narayana Rao, Murali Mohan, Ambika and KV Chalam in the main roles.

6- Maavi Chiguru Tinagane

Superhit old Telugu melody song from the film Seetamalakshmi is a calming and soothing song that will take you to a different realm. The film featured Chandra Mohan, Talluri Rameswari, and Allu Ramalingaiah and came to be known for its beautiful Telugu melodies.

7- Mudda Banthi Poolu

This old songs Telugu melody list would have been incomplete without the inclusion of this track. It is one of the greatest Telugu hits of all time. The song was part of the film Kalasi Vunte Kaladu Sukham, which featured the legendary NTR and Savitri.

8- Aakasha Veedhilo

Aakasha Veedhilo is a hit old Telugu song from the cult classic Telugu film Mangalya Balam movie, starring ANR and Krishna. The track soaks you in with its soothing lyrics that takes hold of you and never let go. It is a song that you should listen to on a loop.

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9- Palike Gorinka

This Telugu romantic song from the film Priyuralu Pilichindi is a romantic classic that has attained the status of a cult classic. Ajith, Aishwarya Rai and Tabu star in this film. It is definitely a deserving track in this old songs Telugu melody list.

10- Dhanamera Annitiki

SVR and Anjali Devi starred in Lakshmi Nivasam, the film in which this old Telugu song is included. Just like the other melodies on this list, it is a timeless classic that you should definitely download and listen to.


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