10 Awesome Things To Do When You Are Single on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is considered a day of love when couples express their true feelings for each other by spending time together or surprising by giving beautiful gifts along with red roses. However, it is not necessary that everyone is spending this delightful evening with someone.

There are many people who will be alone on February 14, but it doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world. There are numerous things to keep your mind off from valentine’s day and to enjoy without any doubt.


That’s why we have prepared a list of 10 awesome things that you can do on valentine’s day to enjoy your singlehood:

  1. Entertain yourself with a movie marathon of your celebrity crush

It’s itchy when you have a lot of expectations on this day but do not have your crush beside you. But there is no need to feel lonely and depressed because the best solution to cheer yourself is to run a movie marathon of your celebrity crush – it might be Leonardo Di Caprio or Jennifer Lawrence. That is the best way to compensate for your ruined expectations.Here’s Your Valentines Weekend Binge Watchlist On Netflix

  1. You wouldn’t like to miss fabulous sales; Go out and shop for yourself

The best way to distract yourself is by self-caring and taking yourself out shopping is the right choice. Spend your money on new clothes that you were about to spend on dinner and chocolates, and fill your wardrobe with fashionable wear. This is the best time to buy a bunch of clothes as stores usually have sales during this week and you can save on.

  1. Take yourself out for a spa session

What can be best than a spa when it comes to relaxing yourself? Giving yourself time and allowing your body to ease is more satisfying than anything else. No worries if you are alone on valentine’s day, volunteering yourself for a spa will take you through a lifetime experience.How To Start Practicing Self Love and Lead a Happy Life

  1. Don’t forget to laugh

Laughing gives you endorphins, which makes you happy. Compensating your pain of being single with laughter on this day is the best decision. Hit up a comedy club or watch some stand up on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Nothing can be more satisfying than laughing at excellent jokes.7 Blockbusters To Enjoy This Weekend On Your Favorite OTT Platform

  1. Pack your bags for a vacation

Valentine's Day

You are so lucky for being single that you are getting time to go on a vacation as valentine’s day is falling on a weekend. Sometimes being relaxed from commitments has its own perks as you can go anywhere and enjoy different places. But you should better be aware of hot spots for couples because you do not want your fun to get ruined.Top 7 Solo Travel Countries to Visit on Earth You Can Explore

  1. Take a day off from social media

If you get jealous seeing couples enjoying themselves together on this day then it will be better if you take a day-off from all your social media accounts. This way you can concentrate on other things and engage yourself in fun activities too. This might be the first step for you to put your phone down more if you are addicted to it.Habits To Healthy Relationship With Social Media

  1. Do everything your ex hated

There must be many things that you couldn’t do in front of your ex because he/she hated it. But now it is the best time to perform those activities. This will give you satisfaction and an edge over your ex that you are doing better in your life without him/her. Now you can freely do that and no one will be there to stop you.

  1. Add some spark to your looks

You must have been wanting to change your look for a very long time and this is the best time to do that as you will get offers on all salons. You might want to dye your hair a different color or want a different hair cut this time. No need to think so much, just go for it and groom your personality.

  1. Call someone who adores you

You can spend your valentine’s evening by calling those people who admire you a lot and can also thank them for everything that they have done for you. This will help you in making your bond stronger. Valentine’s day is said to be a day of love and love is not restricted to only couples, love is for everyone whether it might be for your parents, friends, well-wishers, and others too. So, give them a call and share your experiences.

  1. Have a gaming night

Gather all your single friends at your place and have a gaming night. You all can play card games or board games all night just to drift your mind from spending time with your valentine. We hardly get time to meet our friends these days, and we should be thankful that we are meeting our friends by considering valentine’s day as an excuse.Top 5 Online Video Games You Can Earn From And Enjoy

Or if you are hesitant to reach out to your crush go for it, it’s valentine no wonder he/she might be waiting for you (you never know).

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