Best 10 Valentine’s Gifts Under Rs. 1,000 To Surprise Your Loved One


On the day of valentine’s day, love is totally in the air that can be easily seen with the naked eyes and valentine’s gift is some tricky business on the occasion, because you know your partner is expecting one and you don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket at the same time! A day to celebrate and enjoy with your partner and expressing your feelings completely by gifting something special that will surely fascinate and surprise them. If you are looking for perfect gifts for your partner then you do not have to go anywhere else in order to search.

Yes, we have done the job for you and have prepared a list of 10 valentine’s day gifts to surprise your loved ones under Rs. 1000. So take a close look at all the items because you never know if you will get the best gift for your partner.

  1. Yaya café valentine gifts engraved beer mug

What can be a better gift than a beer mug for your husband on valentine’s day to express your love? This beer mug has “Proud Husband of a Wonderful Wife”, which is engraved on it. This mug will always him that how you always supported him and how much you love him. This beer mug has a capacity of 357 ml.

  1. AtneP crystal Taj Mahal home decoration showpiece

Consider being an ideal valentine’s gift for your loved one as the Taj Mahal is considered an iconic symbol of love and this showpiece can bring charm to your living room or bedroom. This modern art has a dimension of 8 X 8 X 6 cm. It has been designed using premium-grade crystal and the weight of this modern art is 260 grams.

  1. TIED RIBBONS artificial rose and teddies and gift box

Valentine’s Gift

Your special one will be surprised after getting such a beautiful gift set from TIED RIBBONS that includes 1 artificial rose, 2 teddies (pink and red), and 1 gift box. This gift is the best to express your care for your partner. The rose in this pack is made using 24K foil artificial golden flowers as a rose is a symbolic representation of love.

  1. Yellow chimes pocket watch pendant with chain for husband

It would be so adorable when your husband will wear this gifted pendant around his neck in order to show his respect for your love for him. It will always remind him, that how much you care and your admiration towards him. This pendant comes with a special message that is engraved on it and this will be a perfect item to gift your husband on valentine’s day.

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  1. Polyester magical cushion

Wouldn’t be it amazing that your loved one will rest his/her head on a cushion with a printed picture of both of you while sleeping? In our opinion, this is going to be the best gift for your partner as they will love it for sure. This cushion can be placed on your bed, on your sofa, reminding special moments you have shared with each other.

  1. Cadbury dairy milk silk valentine’s heart pop bar

Valentine’s Gift

Nowadays, valentine’s day is incomplete without gifting a Cadbury dairy milk silk bar. To enjoy the sweet taste of love between you and your partner, you should gift him/her this pack of 2 dairy milk silk bar. This bar can be an ideal snack for both of you when you will be enjoying a movie or series together.

  1. Yellow chimes crystal stud earrings for women and girls

Women love wearing earrings and it is essential jewelry for them. These astonishing stud earrings can be an ideal valentine’s gift for her and this is the right choice to find a way to her heart. These are specially crafted and have a 5-layer micron rhodium plating and the thickness of the plating is 0.1-micron.

  1. Moon-shaped LED light

Valentine’s Gift

It’s time to fulfill the promise of bringing stars and moon right in front of your loved one that you have been saying for a very long time. It can be used in your living room or in the bedroom as its 3D technology makes it more appealing and interesting to watch the texture. It comes with a stand and will make your valentine’s day a successful one.

  1. WILDHORN black men’s wallet

What can be the best gift for your man other than a stylish wallet? Gifting this to your partner will surely make it easy for you to win his heart. It is available in black color only and is finely stitched with first-string leather and it is light in weight, also has a superior finish and long shelf life. the dimensions of this product are 21 X 14.5 X 4 cm and weigh around 250 grams.

  1. TIED RIBBONS valentine gift for husband

Gift this spectacular combo to your hubby this valentine. It comes with a Best Husband Trophy, a pair of cufflinks, a tie-pen, a pen, and a greeting card to express your love for him. The trophy is made using A-okay brass, ensuring its durability.

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