Zomato Launches Pure Veg Mode But Retracts the Pure Veg Fleet- Know the Entire Story

Zomato's 'Pure Veg Fleet' created a lot of controversy.


Zomato, the most popular food delivery platform in India, recently launched a ‘Pure Veg Mode’ and a ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ for customers who are strictly vegetarian and do not want to compromise with the handling of their food.

The new feature can easily be used by customers by following a few simple steps. Here’s how a strict vegetarian can get access to Zomato’s pure vegetarian mode.

  • Open the Zomato app on phone
  • Scroll down to see the list of all restaurants
  • Just before the first restaurant in the list starts, there are various options to sort your food preferences
  • In these options, you can also spot the ‘Pure Veg’ button
  • Click on that to see the full list of restaurants that are completely vegetarian and do not serve any non-vegetarian food at all
Zomato Launches Pure Veg Mode But Retracts the Pure Veg Fleet- Know the Entire Story

Why Zomato Created a Pure Veg Mode?

According to the food delivery platform, the feedback from vegetarian customers prompted Zomato to create a pure veg option so that people who are highly strict about their veg diet can relax and not worry about anything at all. A lot of individuals in India have also criticised the move by terming it propagative.

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Update about the Pure Veg Fleet of Zomato

Deepinder Goyal posted on Twitter today that there won’t be any different colour segregation for the veg fleet for the Zomato delivery boys. All Zomato delivery partners will wear the red dress and carry the red Zomato box for delivery. Yesterday, Zomato said that there will be a completely different fleet for the pure veg orders, with the Zomato delivery partners wearing green dresses and carrying green order bags. However, after the public backlash, Zomato decided to take the move back. But Deepinder has confirmed that the feature of selecting Pure Veg restaurants is going to be available in the Zomato app. Also, Zomato will ensure that the delivery partners who do not handle non-veg items will deliver the pure veg food to the customers.


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