How Zomato and Swiggy Changed the food industry in India.


The food industry is ever evolving one, whether it be the invention of popsicles that everyone loves to gobble upon or be it the innovation of packaged food which remains fresh months from its packaging.

Similarly, Zomato and Swiggy are the ones who disrupted the Indian food industry and also became created a buzz in the business side of things.

They are a hot piece of cake and investors are itching to claim their share because they can see that in no time they are the future of food in India.


Let’s get acquainted with a little backstory.

Zomato was the brainchild of Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah which was established back in 2008 and goes by the name Foodiebay. It was the very first food delivery chain of its kind that took the market by a storm.

The idea was originated when Deepinder noticed the fact that some of his colleagues were collecting the menu leaflets so that they can compare their option on food choices.

Deepinder Goyal is one of the most loved people in the Indian business world and as per the interviewers say, he is a delight to talk to. He has this plan to make Zomato the biggest farm to table business in the whole wide world.


The Journey of Swiggy, being where it stands now was full of roadblocks and Founder, Sriharsha Majesty had to go through a lot in order to turn limelights towards Swiggy.

Swiggy started back in 2014 with the mission to overthrow the food delivery market which was exponentially growing day by day.


How Zomato and Swiggy earn?


The food delivery companies may seem to be giving out food for free and also may experience low-profit curves. But this doesn’t mean that they are not earning and are not anywhere near to be broke soon.


One delivery guy covers a specific radius and in that distance, he had to take orders from numerous restaurants. The delivery charges are added along with the bill when you order food and a little amount of commission is deducted from the restaurant side too.


#But the main question here is that why would restaurant owners let them deduct a sum from their profit margin?

Suppose you are a restaurant owner and had to keep a delivery guy who charges a huge sum for delivery and apart from that you had to provide fuel and other expenses too. So having a Zomato valet saves you from all that trouble and also promotes your business helping it reach more eyes than you could imagine.


The reason behind the success of Zomato and Swiggy.


Imagine yourself sitting inside your chilled air-conditioned room and getting food from your favorite restaurant and that too without any clause of minimum order.

if this doesn’t sound exciting enough, let me add some more thrill by adding the fact that you can get that meal for dirt cheap prices with some easily available coupon codes.


Yes, this must be a boring chain of thoughts but if you go back to almost 3 or 4 years back when Zomato and Swiggy started rolling offers like crazy and give it a thought. You must be exhilarated by such a thing,


This is actually what all these food ordering sites capitalize upon and this exact feeling of getting free food delivered home gripped you in being an everlasting customer of the food delivery companies.


They invested in you so that you can invest in them later, like you may be doing right now by getting yourself a delivery from Zomato or Swiggy.

Zomato had also launched Zomato Gold and Swiggy is getting funded in big numbers, so something is up to their sleeves and it’s going to be unveiled soon.


Well, hopefully, you can now boast off in front of your colleagues or anybody with the information we just provided while they’re getting their delivery from a valet.


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