Effective Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Eye Strain


In the era of modernization, we are blessed to have digitalism in our lives. After the pandemic hit the world, offices shifted to Work From Home (WFH) culture. Employees felt they are relieved from all the traveling they had to do daily but for some people, working from home has become a challenge now.

The number of working hours has increased which has blurred the line dividing their personal and professional life. According to recent studies, the average screen time for Indians has increased to 25 percent. Not only this, 23 percent were found complaining about their weaker eyesight due to extended working hours.

Reduce Eye Strain

Ayurveda techniques have been a part of our Indian medical science from ancient times and most Indians still rely on them. That’s why we have shared some key Ayurvedic herbs and practices that will definitely help you in decreasing eye strain.

Simple Ways to Reduce Eye Strain

  1. Icing or Sheeta Satmya

Concentrating on electronic devices like laptops, pc, tablets, or mobile will cause a rise in heat in the eyes and can make your eyelids dull and tired. There is a simple way to counter its effects, dip cotton balls in cold milk or rosewater and place them on your closed eyes. Leave them for 10-15 minutes and you will find a change after removing them.

  1. Palm Exercise

This exercise is the most common and your elders in the family might have suggested you many times when you were small. It’s a technique of massaging your eyes with your palms and providing relaxation. It’s very simple to perform, you have to rub your palms against each other for about 10 seconds.

After rubbing, immediately place your palms on your closed eyes in a cupping gesture. Try not to apply pressure while placing palms as it might lead to repercussions. You should perform this small activity 2 times a day.

  1. Mudras

Mudras are nothing, just simple hand gestures which trigger the flow of energy inside our body. For better eye vision, one has to lay down while breathing normally. Mudras play an important role in helping us to remain in our best possible shape. When combined with a breathing exercise, Mudras can bring balance to our body by healing damaged parts and strengthening them.

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One of the most common and practiced Mudra is Prana Mudra. Make sure you keep your spine erect while performing this Mudra. Keep your body relaxed in the best possible way and place your palms on your lap. Join the tip of your pinky finger to ring the finger to the tip of your thumb. In this position, you have to breathe normally for at least 15 minutes.

Herbs for Stronger Eye Vision and Reduce Eye Strain

  1. Triphala

Effective Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Eye Strain

Triphala consist of three fruits and these are – Haritaki, Amla, and Bibhitaki. These fruits make the flow of energy consistent, also balances our internal energy. Triphala is a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants that can reverse the signs of inflammation and oxidative stress.

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  1. Calendula

It is an anti-inflammatory herb that will heal your eyes and improve eye conditions like swelling, redness, mild irritations, et cetera. It is also known as “Pot Marigold”

  1. Fennel

If you are looking for something to strengthen your eye vision, then fennel is the best herb as it is rich in Vitamin A and C. Either you can wash your eyes with fennel water or consume it in the form of tea.

  1. Almonds

You must have heard multiple times from your parents to eat almonds in your growing years. Almonds are a good source of Vitamin E, which will help in making your eye vision better and will also promote the growth of healthy tissues.

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Lifestyle Changes

  • Make a habit of splashing your face with water 3-5 a day or whenever you come from outside. Splashing water on the face activates facial nerves and arteries.
  • At least, avoid electronic devices while eating your meal to cause reduce eye strain.
  • Never rub your eyes harshly as it might damage nerves.
  • Always keep the lights of your room on while reading or using electronic devices.
  • Make sure to buy preventive glasses to avoid direct contact with blue light emitting from your devices.
  • Also, avoid a hot water shower as it may cause an imbalance of fire elements in the body. Instead, use lukewarm water for the shower.

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