WhatsApp Is Launching Communities To Help Users Organize Groups


If you have not heard WhatsApp is launching communities, a new feature to help the users organize their groups. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps worldwide. 

And to make the users’ experience better, WhatsApp adds new features constantly. Moreover, these features enable interactions with others much easier as well.

New WhatsApp Feature
New WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp Is Launching Communities

Therefore, WhatsApp has recently launched the announcement of a new feature called communities. This feature is to help the users manage their groups in a better way.

Furthermore, this feature will also make communication better. Now, Meta has also mentioned that this feature will be very useful in times of emergencies as well.

For instance, communication became difficult during the time of the pandemic. A time when communication was necessary for oxygen and medical supplies. So, this feature will be useful in such scenarios as well. 

How Will This Feature Work?

Now, you can use this feature very easily. To create a community on WhatsApp all you had to do is create a link for this. 

Then different groups can join this community through the link. But, keep in mind the respective group can only join the community when admins accept the invitation.

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Features Of Communities

Now, you can think of communities as a directory of your contacts. According to the announcement, the new communities feature will help you to communicate better. And for this, you will have some common links between different groups. 

This way you can run a community of sorts on WhatsApp itself. Now, you might be thinking why was this feature being launched?

According to the feedback from the users, it came to light that many people feel as though people get lost because of so many groups. 

Another interesting update that you will see in this new feature is that you can now react to WhatsApp messages like that on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, you can also video call all the group members, until the number is below 32. 

Additionally, you can now send files up to size 2GB. And most importantly, if an admin sees a problematic message, they can delete that on their own. 

Therefore, it is correct to say that with the new feature in WhatsApp security of the users is also being looked after. Moreover, WhatsApp is launching communities very soon, and you can expect this later this year only.

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