Vaccine Passport:How Does It Work and Why Is It Necessary?


We have entered 2021 and with this new year, everyone is hoping for good things. One such thing is that we can travel once again but wait! Can we really?

Well! As of now, a new type of passport called the vaccine passport is in talks, which will help us travel risk-free. But then again, there are questions around the subject like how does it work, what it is actually, and 10 others as well?

So, let’s get ourselves acquainted with the process then and learn a little more about this upcoming vaccine passport.

Vaccine Passport

What is the Vaccine Passport?

A vaccine passport will arrive at your door in the form of a mobile application. Yes! It is not a physical document but an electronic one which makes sure that you’re covid free while traveling. It will serve as proof that you’re Covid free and that you’re not going to infect others.

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How Does The Passport Work?

This online passport will keep all your data about your Covid test and other necessary health documents. Also, it will act as a single point of verification whether you’re infected or not.

It’ll be used at the entry points of public places such as auditoriums, airports, cinema halls or events, and many more. If you don’t have one on yourself then you’ll be automatically rejected from the entry list.

Will Vaccine Passport Really Help Or Is It Just For Show?

Majors are being taken to minimize the loss of life and Covid contraction. The vaccine passport is one such method as well. With the help of big tech companies, large databases, and the support of people, there can really be a system that actually detects whether or not a person is safe to come in contact with.Know Which Country Permits Indian Driving License to Travel

Even then there are some doubts about the system as there is a high possibility for someone to contact Covid twice, which causes a problem.FASTag Deadline Pushed Further to February 15th 2021

But the process is in the works and IBM has developed an application called Digital Health Pass for the same purpose. While another company called Common Trust Network is developing a CommonPass app for maintaining a database of your health documents.

Additionally, there is work going on in the same field and now that some big players are involved, we’ll be seeing some results fast.

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