Upcoming WhatsApp Features We’ve Been Looking For

Upcoming Whatsapp Features We've Been Looking For

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned social media communications app, will launch a bunch of new features in 2022. Starting from enhancing security to bringing more efficient ways of handling the ongoing conversations, we’re anticipating a lot of changes in the coming time. Some of those upcoming WhatsApp features are as follows:

WhatsApp Features
WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Profile Picture Would Also Be Visible While Receiving Notifications

The new update will show the Display Picture of the contact that messaged you even from the notification panel. However, this will only be available for iOS users. Currently, the feature is in testing mode and is available only to a small number of iOS 15 beta testers, but it will be launched soon for the complete iOS category.

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New Options To Restrict Who Get To Watch Your Last Seen

This is something we struggle a lot with. We want to check a specific person’s last seen, but we have to keep it open for all to do that. It seriously says all or nothing as a feature. This will change because you would be able to control who sees your last seen and who does not with the new updates.

Hide Status From Only Specific Contacts With This New Feature

You’ll have better control over who to show your status and uploaded media in the upcoming future, as the new updates will allow you to choose a recipient while posting any such thing. So, that the next time you don’t want to let your relatives know that you’ve been to a night out, you can share so without the fear of being spotted.

Reactions To Messages With Emojis and More

Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram, and many other social media apps allow one to respond to a message with a reaction, which could range from a heart-shaped emoji to a bunch of them. WhatsApp will soon be updating and coming out with the same. To inform you how badly the market needs it, even LinkedIn has that feature.

Building a Community By Collaborating Group Chats

You would be able to make a community by bundling 10 group chats, and that is such an excellent feature for bulk messaging purposes. It allows to do the bulk messaging in just a snap, a boon for the marketing world, it sure is.

WhatsApp Logout Feature

Simply stating, we would have a logout button in WhatsApp similar to other apps. On the one hand, it is a simple feature, and on the other hand, it was required to be in the app for so long. It is like WhatsApp is trying to cover the bases of functionality now. But good for the end consumer that they finally get a logout button.

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