Harnaaz Sandhu Gets To Have All These Perks With The Title


It might have been brought to your notice that our very own Harnaaz Sandhu has become the Miss Universe 2022. But do you know that she has a bag full of things besides the title? Let’s take a look at the Harnaaz Sandhu perks:

Harnaaz Sandhu Perks
Harnaaz Sandhu Perks

Apartment In New York

Harnaaz Sandhu has been allowed an apartment in the center of the business capital of the world, NYC or New York as one of the perks. Although she would have to share it with miss USA, it’s still a hell of a deal. The apartment has been leased to her for free for one year from winning the title only.


Personalized Team

Miss Universe needs to be managed by the best of the best, and that’s why she has been allowed with the best of makeup artists, beauticians, dietitians, and other members of her caretaking team. The expenses of which will be borne by the Miss Universe Organisation.

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Paid Holidays

Do you know that she can take holiday trips whenever and wherever she wants and she wouldn’t have to pay a dime for the same? Yes! Once again, the expenses would be borne by the Miss Universe Organisation.

We’re unsure how long this deal between the two lasts, but it’s a great one as this covers everything from boarding, lodging, transport, meals, clothes, groceries, to almost all.

Prize Money

The winning prize for the Miss Universe title is USD 2,50,000, which turns out to be close to INR 1.8 crores. How she’s going to spend that cash is in her hands, but with all the perks we’ve mentioned above, we don’t think it will be anything related to essential living items as everything in her life is paid for as of now.


The Crown

She has bagged 37 crores worth of crown, which is one of the best and the brightest pageant items to ever get hold of on earth, and she gets to keep it.

You can see why the rest of the points may seem compared to the feat she has achieved, right? Well! We think that she deserved it. What are your opinions on the same? Let us know in the comment sections.


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