Here’s how to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android smartphones.


WhatsApp continues to introduce innovative features to improve its users’ messaging interaction. The option to schedule WhatsApp messages is one of the most important features that users want in the app. It is not supported by WhatsApp. This function allows you to schedule a WhatsApp message ahead of schedule so that you don’t lose out on important messages because you forgot.

The WhatsApp feature that allows users to schedule conversations can come in handy when it comes to making sure they don’t miss to send b’day or anniversary wishes on time. However, members of the instant messaging program do not have access to this feature.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android phones?

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on IOS devices

To use the Schedule WhatsApp messaging feature, you must find a whole other solution, which includes installing a third-party program that is linked to WhatsApp. You may use the scheduling message feature on Android and iOS with many third-party applications. One such application is SKEDit, an Official android tool that allows you to easily schedule messages.

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How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on IOS Devices?

Unfortunately, there is no such third-party software package available for iOS users. We have a solution for it as well. The answer is the Siri Shortcuts application! You only need to get it and open it on your apple device.

  • Navigate to the Automation section.
  • By clicking the Plus icon, you may set up private automation.
  • Select a time of day when you want your automation to execute. Select a date and time right now.
  • Then, tap Add Action and type text from the number of instructions into the search bar.
  • Then, below the textual content field, tap the + icon to search for WhatsApp and input the conversation you wish to schedule.
  • Select the recipient, then contact Next, and finally Done.
  • Your reply has been properly scheduled.

How to use WhatsApp Away feature?

WhatsApp’s Using Away Messages feature, which allows you to plan texts to be sent at a certain time, is only accessible to Business accounts. What is the greatest method to put it to use? Examine the steps listed below.

  • Navigate to WhatsApp and click the More button.
  • Select Away Messages from the Business Tools menu.
  • Switch on the Send away message function, then press on the message to add your text.
  • Then, click OK to schedule it. Under the schedule, you have the choices of Always, Custom plan, and outside of office hours.
  • Under recipients, you can select from the following options: Everyone, Everyone Not in Contact List, Everyone Except…, and Only Send to…
  • new settings should be saved
  • You can now schedule the messages to be sent at a specific time.

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