Unconventional career is the new black

Unconventional career is the new black

Sitting inside your cubicle and waiting for lunchtime to sneak out and have some break from your hectic work schedule, then come home all drained up and go straight to bed. This is not the life a young Indian dream for, they are not into the security of ‘Sarkari job’ or perks of working at a multinational. With the entrepreneurial wave that is going around the world, we have opened our eyes and starting envisioning things that our older generation would not. But still, the main question is left unanswered ‘Why leave the security and benefits of a good job opportunity and choose something unconventional?

Internal Satisfaction

Most nine to five jobs may juice you out completely but you don’t get that mental job satisfaction with yourself. The thrill of creating something new and unusual instead of punching in spreadsheets on a daily basis is something some people crave for. Writing an exhilarating post to get appreciation from society or shooting a video that goes viral around the globe is something to look forward to and you can see that your work has some real value attached to it which obviously feels nice. That is the satisfaction we are talking about, going to bed every day in your life knowing that you did something amazing today and that people are appreciating your work.

You are your own boss

You can set the hours when you want to sit tight at your desk and start working, be it 12 in the night or 3 in the day, it’s all up to you to decide. Nobody can dump unnecessary projects upon your head as you take a project that you yourself want to invest in. The whole idea is going off the rail and challenge everything that is wrong with having a daily job. But one needs to take care of many things at once and that can be very hard sometimes.

Money is not the problem

From outside it may look like that there is not much money flow in this kind of profession, but you’re wrong. There are tons of projects lying out there waiting for a freelancer to snatch them and if one has a foreign clientele then they are going to earn a lot more due to high conversion rates. The money is not a problem it’s just when people don’t see a definite paycheck, they start to doubt the whole thing and go to a safer more comfortable option: the regular nine to five.

Great work-life balance

Want to go on a hike this weekend, who is going to stop you because you don’t have to have Monday morning blue or definite office space to get into your working zone. You can work while on the go, enjoy the trip and when there’s time to waste, use it productively into making your day pay off. You are in a kind of situation where you’re never really free and never really bound towards old traditional ways of work at the same time. It is the ideal condition for youth today, who tries to enjoy life to the fullest.

Unlimited growth opportunities


You can start with just yourself but as you continue to grow through the years, start employing helping hands and turn yourself into a consultancy house or build yourself a proper business setup. The opportunities for growth are limitless and all you need to have is a vision and then you are set for life. Amazon was a simple bookselling website with Jeff Bezos delivering the orders on the back of his scooter, but now he is the richest man in the world. So it all comes down to your vision and hard work, nothing else matters.

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