How to appear better than you are with some simple body Language Tips.


Do you want to be more attractive or are you looking for some pointers to add to your personality that will make you a better person than you already are? Well, it’s better for everyone to keep their individuality but it is also required by us to follow a few social norms, for us to be likable. We have created a list of pointers that you can use on yourself or others to judge the situation or be the best version of yourself.



Stand firm


People who are wobbly or standing leaning towards one side are not taken quite seriously as compared to someone who has a firm resistance in their manner of presenting themselves. Stand up straight and be upright with confidence which will automatically be reflected onto the person standing next to you, if you’d do it right. Also, don’t go being the rigid human type that just keeps a distance, maintain a pose and is thought to be arrogant, instead always be ready to break your own rules a few times.

Avoid fidgeting your phone


Someone is into the story of their mid-life crisis and all you can look into is the glazing screen of your cellphone, which is extremely inappropriate. While people close to you may ignore this habit of yours, the outsiders or the ones that you really need to create an impression on would not let you off the hook easily. There is a term for people who tend to give more importance to their devices and not people around them and its called Phubbing.



Subtly copy the moves and stance of the one sitting right by your side and they would go attracted towards you due to the feeling of oneness. Mirroring is basically copying simple gestures such as sitting position, eye rolls or drinking the wine in a simmilar manner as your companion is doing. While the male counterpart may sometimes ignore mirroring but it almost never goes unnoticed by the females. So lads, if you want to impress your date, you know what you gotta do.


Eye contact


Too little eye contact can make you look weak, anxious and the kind of person we cannot trust upon. This habit of yours may go against you during a business meeting or a date where you will be subconsciously termed as a weak person. Whereas on the other hand, having too much eye contact may be perceived as a sign of anger which can cause the one sitting beside you to feel unrest and uncomfortable in your presence. There is a sweet spot when making eye contact when you hold your gaze onto them but in between direct towards other things and subtly gaze back again.


Position of arms and feet


It is perceived that someone who is standing with crossed arms is not interested in you or trying to shut you down while having an open posture suggests that they are interested in what you have to say and you are a person of value at the current given time. The same things go with the position of feet, if they are towards you then the person is giving you their attention otherwise its better if you can just complete your last sentence and run off to somewhere else.



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