Top 10 English Dubbed Korean Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2023

Best English Dubbed Korean Movies


Netflix has revealed the titles of their new Korean movie lineup for 2023! Fans of Korean TV shows and movies have a lot to look forward to this year, including new creations, the comeback of old favourites, and the largest-ever selection of Korean movies and TV shows for the streamer. The main theme of Netflix’s original programming is survival.

Top English Dubbed Korean Movies on Netflix

There is a lot to look forward to for Korean film aficionados. As streaming services like Netflix continue to invest in South Korean content and projects with large casts acquire distribution in the United States, new Korean movies with genres ranging from pleasant rom-com to risk-taking spy thrillers to heartbreaking dramas are making their way to our screens. So here is a list of some Top English Dubbed Korean Movies on Netflix to watch in 2023.

English Dubbed Korean Movies on Netflix

1. Sweet And Sour

This is one of the best Korean movies. When faced with actual possibilities and issues, a couple goes through the highs and lows of trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. With his lover Da Eun, Jang Hyuk is a man who yearns for both work and love. Bo Young is a lady he meets in a different context. It’s a fun romantic comedy about the challenging relationships of three people as they navigate various stages of life.

2. Tune In For Love

Yoo Yeol went on air as the new DJ of the well-known radio show “Music Album,” Mi Soo, a college student, meets Hyun Woo, who just work at the bakery where she works. Up until the bitter truth drives them apart, like the music coming from the radio, the show brings them together through ebbs and flows of events brought on by both pure coincidence and inevitability. 

3.  Kingdom: Ashin Of The North

A background for the enigma Lee Chang’s crew encountered when travelling north to learn more about the origins of the infected. We shall solve the mystery surrounding Ashin’s identity. The new narrative will explore Ashin’s earlier experiences in the North as well as how their paths eventually crossed.

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4. What Has Mr Cha Been Through?

Due to his portrayal as a kind and flawless man, Mr Cha attained immense success in the 1990s. However, he is now a has-been who reflects on his heyday and waits to be cast once more. One day, Mr Cha goes to the gym to use the showers after going for a stroll, but the building starts to collapse, trapping him within.

5. Hunting Time

Korea will have a financial crisis in the not-too-distant future, and slums will grow. In a desolate city, Jun Seok, who was recently released from prison, plans a risky operation to start a new life with his close friends Jang Ho, Ki Hoon, and Sang Soo. But their expectations for the future

6. Space Sweeper

Everyone loved this movie so much. Space Sweepers, billed as South Korea’s first big-budget space movie, centres on a gang of strugglers who are struggling to make ends meet as people depart from an inhospitable Earth to settle in utopian space colonies. The indebted “space sweepers,” led by Song Joong-ki of Vincenzo, scavenge waste from the rich colonies. While on a mission, they come upon Dorothy, a little child who turns out to be an android carrying a nuclear weapon.

7. Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis, a superhero film directed by Yeon Sang-ho, centres on Suk-Hun, a bank security guard. Suk-Hun has telekinetic skills after consuming water from a mountain spring that was struck by a meteor. His estranged daughter, Roo-Mi, owns a fried chicken shop that is in danger of being taken over by a construction firm that is under the authority of the mafia, who also wants to evict the nearby residents. 

8. Forgotten

A must-watch movie. Prepare some popcorn and settle in to watch this suspenseful thriller from 2017. The narrative centres on Jin-Seok, who sees his brother Yoo-seok being kidnapped. The family assumes Yoo-seok repressed those dreadful memories when, after 19 days, he mysteriously comes home one night with no recollection of what transpired. 

9. The Drug King

In this true-story drama, Song Kang-ho plays Lee Doo-sam, a small-time drug dealer who later rose to prominence as the infamous king of drugs in Korea in the 1970s. He trafficked diamonds and other commodities, in addition to exporting to Japan and distributing drugs in Korea. Jo Jung-suk portrays a prosecutor in Seoul who wants to bring Lee down in the film, while Bae Doona plays a lobbyist who aids Lee in moving up the drug-selling food chain to become the boss.

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10. Alive

It is set during a zombie apocalypse because there can never be too many K-zombie thrillers, follows live-streaming video gamer Oh Joon-woo as he tries to stay, yes, alive amidst all the chaos happening outside his apartment. Fortunately, he soon spots Kim Yoo-bin, another uninfected survivor, in a flat close by.

The two quickly form a very socially awkward friendship. Finally, they make a daring escape attempt, but you’ll have to watch to find out if they succeed or fall victim to the ravaging hordes of zombies that are impatiently waiting on the streets below for new victims to infect.

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