Top 8 Songs that will Open the Floodgates of Your Childhood Memories


Bollywood songs are adept at depicting the different phases and emotions of life. One such phase that continues to bring a smile to our faces is childhood, the memories which can be traced through the beautiful and fun songs composed throughout the history of Bollywood. These songs will make you relive the fun, hardships and relationship dynamics of your childhood.

Here are 8 songs to relive childhood memories:

kk and shaan

1- Bum Bum Bole

Who can forget Taare Zameen Par? The movie was an instant classic and depicted how having fun and following something which you are good at and enjoy doing is the ultimate key to happiness. Bum Bum Bole is a cheerful song that will help you relive the childhood memories you created with your school friends. Singer Shaan and Aamir Khan had lent their voices to this beautiful piece.

2- Jaadoo Jaadoo

Come on, just admit it. You, too, have fantasised about having a personal alien for yourself who can do everything for you. Everyone still loves Koi Mil Gaya for its beautiful concept that took the meaning of friendship to the next level. It will help you reminisce the past moments when the entire family sat together on a Sunday afternoon to watch movies like these. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik’s voice is as soothing as it gets.

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3- Sunday

Remember when we used to hate Sundays? Somebody just already invent the time machine and throw me back to the 2000s. What an era! The beauty of life is just not the same anymore. The careless atmosphere when we lived by the moment is something that will never come back. However, you can listen to this song by Shravan Kumar to at least relive your childhood memories.

4- Aashayein 

KK has to be on this list. He was a great artist who untimely passed away, but his influential work will continue to inspire us. Many of you might have forgotten that before doing Kaun Pravin Tambe? Shreyas Taldape did a cricket movie that is as good as his new flick. Aashayein is a song that will inspire you to live your dreams, a piece which has been inspiring us from our childhood.

“toofano ko chirke

manzilon ko cheen le”

We are just short of words to even describe this line which gives us goosebumps every single time.

5- Rote Rote Hasna Seekho

Kishore Kumar, the legendary singer’s voice, is just perfect enough to help you remember the days when you used to cry for toys and stuff. Ah, the simpler times. Now, we sometimes cry about things we don’t even know anything about. Life just took a 360 too soon for some of us. Well, listening to this song will bring back the childish memories which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

6- Ek Sher Tha Ek Sherni

Love listening to the stories from your elders in your childhood? Finding yourself missing that happy moment of your life. Well, worry not cause we bring this unique song sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Shweta Pandit and Ishwari. Ek Sher Tha Ek Sherni is just a story that is told through a song. It’s fun and light, which is just the past, isn’t it?

7- Ta Ra Rum Pum

Remember laughing wholeheartedly with your school friends and being unable to stop yourself? The nonsensical things that kept us giggling out for hours were just an amazing experience. Ta Ra Rum Pum is a song that does not make sense with its title, but it’s fun and enjoyable. This song kind of works like a breather in between the work shifts.

8- Javed Bhai So Re Le

Jaani Dushman has become a guilty pleasure for kids from the 90s. The movie might seem irrelevant to the children belonging to the gen-z but let me tell you, it was a fantastic experience for the kids back in the day. Javed Bhai So Re Le was an instant hit that has children singing this song almost everywhere, from their homes to schools. 

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