Top 10 Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle You Should Definitely Give a Go

Top 10 Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle With Names


Actor Hrithik Roshan is from India and appears in Hindi-language movies. He is well known for his dance abilities and has played many different characters. With that smirking face, peculiarly blue eyes, and of course, his signature hairdo, this excellent actor has consistently demonstrated his finesse and won our hearts a little bit. The actor, who began his career with “Kaho na Pyar Hai” and won the coveted Filmfare Award for the promising Debut actor, has since been in a number of fantastic films, including Dhoom2, Jodha Akbar, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Krish, and many others. 

Top 10 Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle

He earned the moniker “Superman of India” thanks to his outstanding performances in Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish, which turned him into the dream of every young child. We’ll look at 10 of the most popular Hrithik Roshan haircuts in this article so you may try them out and make a fashion statement. There is a haircut for every event and mood, whether you want to keep it basic or go flamboyant. So let’s get going!

Some of the Top Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles

1. Curls

Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles Curls

Although preserving the curls is difficult, they are a sort of hairstyle that takes little to no styling effort. The War actor carries himself beautifully with this hairstyle, which also enhances his chiseled jawline. 

2. Waves

Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles Waves

Hrithik frequently wears his hair down while on vacation or when not working on any projects. He has medium-length, wavy hair that has been left to grow. He frequently develops a thin French beard while donning this appearance. 

3. Pompadour


Hrithik frequently sports this similar hairdo. A puff at the top and sides that are neatly clipped is required for the pompadour hairdo. This hairdo was worn by Hrithik in the smash hit movie War.

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4. Ponytail

Pony tail

Hrithik frequently wears a neat ponytail with some of the best formal attire. He pulls his hair back into a tiny ponytail, which gives it a dapper appearance. He usually wears his hair in this way for formal occasions or award ceremonies.

5. Long wavy hair 

Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles Long wavy hairĀ 

Even if this vision may never materializes, we still think he looks really attractive and dashing in this picture. His thick beard and long, curly hair are really gorgeous. The instant we saw his hair, we fell in love with it.

6. Faux hairstyle

Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles Faux hairstyle

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present one of Hrithik Roshan’s stunning hairdos. He ought to wear this fake hairdo every day.

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7. Medium Hair with side undercut

Medium Hair with side undercut

Wow, this is a completely new appearance; we did not anticipate Hrithik to look this fantastic in it. He looks fantastic with this hairdo. He looks very dashing with his medium-length hair hanging across his forehead.

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8. Side-parted Medium Mane

Side-parted Medium Mane

What a dapper guy Hrithik Roshan makes himself out to be. We must recognize how beautifully he styled this medium mane with a side part. Here, the neat, shaven appearance works.

9. Curled Back

Curled Back

Now, this is the hairdo that first sparked our interest in Hrithik Roshan. It must have been difficult to keep his long, wavy hair pulled back. But the ultimate product justifies the effort.

10. Pompadour with Low Ponytail

Top 10 Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle You Should Definitely Give a Go

Here is one of Hrithik Roshan’s incredible long hairstyles when he simultaneously pulled off two other amazing hairstyles. Of course, he is the only one who can pull off a low ponytail over a pompadour. 


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