Top 10 Hottest Dubai Actresses in 2022


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There was a time when women in the United Arab Emirates were not allowed to do any work in movies and television. Gradually the restrictions on female actresses in Dubai and other Emirates have reduced, and still demand to be better in the upcoming years. A few hottest actresses in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates have challenged old age with their striking beauty and sensational approach in the popular media. These beautiful and famous actresses have challenged the existing norms in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Today, we celebrate the courage of these ladies by bringing you a list of the hottest and sexiest actresses in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Beautiful Emirati Actresses

Here are the 10 hottest actresses in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2022

1- Fatima Al Taei

Fatima Al Taei is one of the hottest and most beautiful Dubai (Emirates) actresses in 2022. She is a highly skilled actress who has given stellar performances in movies like Scales, Maryam and Qalb Al Adala.

2- Mayssa Maghrebi

Mayssa Maghrebi is a beautiful actress to belongs to the Emirates and Morocco. She is mainly active in the television industry in Dubai. Maghrebi is one of those stars whose hot photos go viral on social media.

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3- Neven Madi


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Neven Madi is an Emirati-Syrian actress who is considered the goddess of beauty in Dubai. She has a fine physique and charm that can woo anyone. Neven started acting in 1999 as a child actress. Her role in Arab Gulf TV series is highly praised by critics.

4- Yasmine Al-Bustami


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Yasmine Al-Bustami is a famous Dubai actress who has also acted in International TV shows like The Originals and NCIS: Hawaii. She is one of the boldest actresses ever to come out of the United Arab Emirates.

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5- Emilia Dobreva

Another Dubai actress who oozes glamour is Emilia Dobreva. She is a famous model alongside being an actress. Emilia has won many beauty pageant titles. She is among the most desirable Emirati actresses in 2022.

6- Ascia AKF


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Ascia AKF is one of the most influential women personalities in the United Arab Emirates. The hot actress born and raised in Kuwait has over 2 million followers on Instagram. Her social media reach is just insane.

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7- Zoya Sakr


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Zoya Sakr is one of the hottest Dubai actresses that you can come across in 2022. She is half Lebanese and half Russian. Zoya is also a well-educated businesswoman who has created an empire on her own.

8- Diala Makki

Diala Makki works in the journalism business. She completed her master’s in International Affairs before becoming involved with the TV media. Makki is a beautiful Emirati actress that we all want to see more of.

9- Fatima Almomen


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Fatima Almomen is well suited to be among the hottest Dubai (United Arab Emirates) actresses in 2022. She has a crazy fan following on social media, with about 2 million followers on Instagram.

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10- Rafeea Alhajsi

Rafeea Alhjasi is a respected and revered actress in Emirates. She is often hailed as the first model in the United Arab Emirates. The hot actress has worked with the leading fashion designers


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