Top 10 All-time Favourite Cricketers with the Best Personality


Cricket is known as the gentleman’s, so it makes common sense that there are cricketers with a great personality who would have excelled in any field they might have chosen. 

Nevertheless, aggression on-field has become more of a front for cricket. Many players resort to unnecessary quarrels and verbal spate with each other that downgrades the level of this historic game.

Only a handful of the cricketers in history have shown the ability to remain calm in almost all the adversities. These players are respected by their teammates and compatriots and the whole cricketing fraternity. 

Here are 10 cricketers with the best personality:

10- Kane Williamson

kane williamson

The Kiwi skipper harbours one of the coolest heads in cricket. He has never been involved in any controversy and on-field quarrels. One can never forget his sportsmanship when New Zealand lost the 2019 World Cup to England due to an absurd boundary count rule. 

9- Shikhar Dhawan

The fun-loving Punjabi cricketer from India is a cheerful character on and off the field. One can always spot him with a smile on his face, no matter if he has scored a golden duck or a hundred. People adore him for his fine personality.

8- Ab de Villiers

The superhuman of cricket just retired a year ago from competitive cricket but is still one of the most iconic players to have played the game. He is a role model for even the established cricketers like Virat Kohli and KL Rahul.

7- Alastair Cook

Sir Alastair Cook was one of the finest players to have graced the game. People remember a lot of uproar in England cricket when Kevin Pietersen and the board had some issues, but Alastair Cook stayed away from all that unnecessary drama and kept doing what he does best.

6- Younis Khan

younis khan

He was perhaps the only player from Pakistan who was not involved in any controversy during his stint as an international player. Younis Khan is globally respected for his sportsmanship and cheery nature.

5- Chris Gayle

The universe boss, Chris Gayle, is one of the most loved cricketers of all time. His stint in the Indian Premier League brought out his funny side for the world to see. The giant from West Indies is adored by both fans and his contemporaries. 

4- Adam Gilchrist

The legendary wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist had one of the most exemplary careers in sports history. The Australian team was infamous for their underhanded sledging techniques during Gilchrist’s time with the Aussies. Perhaps he was the only likeable player from that era of ruthless Kangaroos.

3- Sachin Tendulkar

The God of Cricket has to be on the list of the cricketers with the best personality. Sachin Tendulkar is a legend that made cricket famous in India and inspired a billion countrymen. Everyone appreciates his honesty and sweet nature.

2- Rahul Dravid

You can ask any cricketer in the world about Rahul Dravid’s nature as a player and coach and all of them will answer the same that he is a great human being. Dravid’s stay at the NCA made fans realise the positive impact of his personality on the young Indian cricketers. 

1- Kumar Sangakkara

sangakkar cricketers with the best personality

The Sri-Lankan legend is one of the most soft-spoken and loveable characters in the world of cricket. Nobody can forget Sanga’s painful yet appreciative smile when India won the World Cup in 2011. He stands at the top because there was never an instance when he showed unessential aggression on or off the field. A true legend and gentleman of the game, Sanga has all the qualities of a good human being.



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