“Bazball Culture is Brilliant,” David Gower Supports England’s Approach in Ashes 2023

"It’s the wrong score at the moment, but we've still seen the benefits of a positive mindset," David Gower on Bazball in Ashes 2023


England and Australia are trading heavy blows in the ongoing Ashes 2023, and so far, the Aussies have managed to get the better of the hosts. The Pat Cummins-led side has a 2-1 lead in the five-match Test series and will look to seal the deal in the 4th Test of the Ashes in Manchester. On the other hand, the England Cricket Team will look to build on the winning momentum in order to level the series and set up a perfect decider in the Ashes.

"Bazball Culture is Brilliant," David Gower Supports England's Approach in Ashes 2023

Former English cricketers like Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan have highly criticised England’s approach in the Ashes. Both the English legends have criticised England’s careless approach at the crucial moments in the Ashes Tests so far. However, the legendary English cricketer David Gower has come out in support of England’s aggressive brand of cricket that is often referred to as the ‘Bazball’.


In an interview with Betway, David Gower weighed in on the ongoing Ashes, Bazball and much more. When asked about his thoughts on Bazball, Gower said, “The culture is brilliant. It allows them to play positive cricket, and the results of that have been seen over the past 12 months, even in this Ashes series. It’s the wrong score at the moment, but we’ve still seen the benefits of a positive mindset.”

He has urged the English cricketers to continue playing with the same level of fearlessness. However, he did say that the English players need to be a bit aware of the mistakes that could be easily avoided. He does not want the English cricketers to become ignorant about their gameplay.

Gower also talked about the controversial run-out of Jonny Bairstow in the interview with Betway. He said, “I’m of the opinion that Jonny Bairstow, sadly, was casual and careless. If you just think about it for a moment, and I’m sure he would have thought about it constantly, the assumption he made was not an assumption you should make in the midst of an Ashes Test match.”

Gower believes that Jonny Bairstow was rightly run out, and Alex Carey was quite sharp to realise the casualness of the English batter. “Cummins has been under pressure for not recalling Bairstow. But if he recalls Bairstow, what’s the message? You can be as stupid as you like? Some of my friends have said to me, ‘Oh, you’d have called him back.’ And I’m not sure I would have.” Gower further added.

The former English cricketer also said that the Ashes had been a fantastic series so far, and both teams have managed to put out a competitive brand of cricket, and the series is hanging by a thread.


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