Tips and tricks to avail a free ALT Balaji membership in 2022


Alt Balaji is an OTT portal where you can watch the latest web series, shows, and films. But entertainment is pricey! To view shows on Alt Balaji, users must subscribe to a paid membership. Alt Balaji has quite a few monthly subscriptions that are reasonably priced. But what if We told you that getting Alt Balaji Premium ID and password is completely free?


Alt Balaji is a video-on-demand streaming service. You may view shows on its website as well as it’s Android-based, which is free on the Google Playstore. To watch paid content on Alt Balaji, you must purchase a subscription, which costs around Rs.300 for one year and Rs.100 for 90-day signup. In this post, we will teach you how to acquire this for free as well as alternate ways to view all Alt Balaji shows.

Get a free ALT Balaji premium subscription for 12 months free and watch all of the shows using our ways; we’ve included several tricks to get a free paid upgrade below. There are three ways to receive an Alt Balaji premium subscription: the Flipkart super coin coupon offer, the Alt Balaji Paypal Reward offer, and the Niki offerings. Follow the instructions in the post to receive your subscription and start watching all of the premium programs.

Here are some tips and tricks to avail a free ALT Balaji membership in 2022

  1. Flipkart Super Coins

Flipkart Super Coins allow you to get a free 12-month subscription fee. To take advantage of this promotion, you must have at least 250 Super Coins in your Flipkart profile. If you have more than 250 Super Coins and utilize Flipkart Plus, you can obtain free 12-month membership to Alt Balaji. To get an Alt Balaji membership using Flipkart Super Coins, follow the procedures below.

  • To obtain an Alt Balaji Voucher, please follow this link. You’ll be taken to the Flipkart Alt Balaji Membership Page. Access to Alt Balaji for Free
  • To use your Super Coins for an Alt Balaji Membership Voucher, click Claim offer Now.
  • To use your Super Coins for an Alt Balaji Membership Voucher, click Claim offer Now.
  • You will receive an Offer promo code after redeeming the voucher.
  • Enter the Alt Balaji App Voucher Discount code to be utilized.
  • Go to the left corner of the menu bar in the Alt Balaji Mobile Application.
  • To redeem your promo code, you must now click on the Membership Option.
  • Choose the 12-month plan and enter the coupon code you got from Flipkart.
  • Your Alt Balaji Premium Subscription for 12 months will be unlocked.

Alt Balaji membership with Amazon Pay

  1. Amazon Pay:

Amazon India is currently offering deals on Alt Balaji subscriptions worth Rs. 100 or more. You can buy a three-month subscription for Rs. 50. Amazon occasionally offers 100 percent off subscriptions, so keep an eye on the Reward area.

  • How to Get a Coupon for a Free Premium Membership on Alt Balaji
  • Go to the Amazon India homepage and access the Amazon Pay page.
  • There is a section called Reward where you can accumulate coupons.
  • Look for the Entertainment category.
  • Scroll down to get the Alt Balaji promo offer.
  • Go to the Alt Balaji Subscription Page when you’ve collected your Amazon discount.
  • Select a strategy and move forward.
  • To take advantage of this deal, use Amazon Pay as your payment option.
  • When you make a payment, you will receive cashback in your Pay wallet.
  1. JioCinema

Alt Balaji is well-known for its online series and television shows. They also produce their series under the banner Alt Balaji Originals. These Alt Balaji Originals can also be found on OTT platforms such as JioCinema.

How to Stream Alt Balaji Free Episodes via JioCinema-

  • Launch the JioCinema app or website.
  • Log in with your Jio SIM and OTP.
  • Once logged in, use the search option to find Alt Balaji.
  • A list of all Alt Balaji Original series will be displayed.
  • Watch your favorite shows without having to pay for a membership.
  1. PayPal

Using the Alt Balaji Paypal cashback voucher discount offers, you may get 3 months of the paid version. You will receive a complimentary subscription. This offer is from Paypal Alt Balaji; if you acquire the Alt Balaji paid subscription for three months and pay using Paypal, you will receive a 100 percent discount up to Rs.100. This offer is available on the Alt Balaji homepage; however, the Android application does not yet support PayPal payments.

Alt Balaji membership with JioCinema, Vodafone Play, and Airtel Xtreme

  1. Airtel Xstream

This is not a method to obtain a Premium Subscription, but rather a way to view all Alt Balaji Shows for free. This is solely for Airtel users, and it will not function for non-Airtel users.

  • First and foremost, you will require the Airtel Xstream App, which is accessible for both iOS users.
  • After successfully downloading and installing the app, launch it and log in with your Airtel number.
  • After logging up, you may search through all of the popular online series and find all of the Alt Balaji web series episodes online for free.
  • You can also discover all Alt Balaji videos by entering ALT BALAJI in the search bar. Subscription to Alt Balaji for Free with airtel extreme.
  1. Vodafone Play

  • If you have a Vodafone subscription, you can watch Alt Balaji episodes for free.
  • First and foremost, you must download the Vodafone Play App
  • Now Sign in or create an account using your Vodafone or Idea mobile.
  • Vodafone Postpaid customers can use the Vodafone Play App for free.
  • Vodafone Play App is free for all Prepaid subscribers with Infinite Recharges worth INR 255 or more.
  • Sign in with a friend’s Vodafone SIM card. Enter his/her phone number and then the OTP that arrives with it.  Truly appreciate and Don’t forget to share this content with your friends and family.

Final Verdict:

AltBalaji is a famous on-demand streaming media service for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, tv, and other platforms. This allows us to view the new shows, programs, live Television stations, and other premium stuff. This platform is used and loved by millions of people.  Thank you for reading. Flickonclick will keep you updated if any new methods become accessible on Alt Balaji.

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