2-3 Cups Of Coffee Helps To Reduce That Body Fat

2-3 Cups Of Coffee Helps To Reduce That Body Fat

According to the reports, women who drank 2-3 cups of coffee every day been found to have lower total body fat and trunk fat than those who drink less. Apologize to all the men out there. Recently, a study was done which showed some staggering results related to the consumption of coffee.

2-3 Cups Of Coffee Helps To Reduce That Body Fat

In the past, we must have heard several facts that told us either we should stick to coffee or no coffee at all. Since the day it was found, coffee had been the part of millions of people’s mornings. And now with the new details on coffee consumption, the internet has been rolling their eyes all over. With an increase in awareness of fitness, coffee has resulted positively, therefore, helps to melt that body fat.

As we look into the details, the study shows that coffee has some of the anti-obesity nutrients that cut down your abdominal fat. Not only did it wake them up in the morning, but somehow it was helping them to reduce tummy fat. And those who had consumed it on regular show a gradual decrease in their weight.

As per the data, women who consumed coffee regularly had 2.8% less average total body fat among women of all ages. The coffee reports were consistent on terms such as the coffee had a high amount of caffeine or was decaffeinated and among those suffering from chronic diseases against those in good health.

The study also showed that men who consumed 2-3 cups of coffee every day had almost 1.3% less average total body fat as compared to those who had consumed less. The study is now published in the Journal of Nutrition and is in talks with a much wider audience and researchers at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) now.

The research is backed up by the survey on coffee drinkers which is done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Adding to this, Dr. Lee Smith who is the senior study author from Anglia Ruskin University, UK stated, “There may be bioactive compounds in coffee that could regulate and reduce body weight.”

For a simpler explanation, the reports are divided into age gaps. Coffee lover women who fall under the age group of 20-44 showed 3.4% less body weight than those who drunk less per day. And those who were aged 45-69 and drunk four or more cups showed 4.1% less body weight when compared to others.

As we can summarize the effect of coffee, we can state that the ingredients that it contains which include caffeine, antioxidant, and diterpene. These natural preservatives not only add flavor to the coffee but also regulate the physical and psychological stability of your body.


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