Simple Steps To Get 6 Months of Tinder Plus Subscription For Free


Tinder is one of the apps that we all have on our phones as this era is not about the random meet and greets, right? If you want to actually match with someone you need to follow the trend or you’ll be left waiting. In a situation like this, won’t it be better if you can just simply boost your chances to be seen or located among such a crowd with Tinder Plus subscription? Yes! It’s definitely a better way to do things with free Tinder Plus Subscription.

That’s why apps like Tinder have their Plus, Gold, Platinum, and more kind of subscription but they are costly going by the Indian standards. Now, what to do now? Well, we have a solution for you to get 6 months of Tinder Plus Subscription for free.

Step By Step Trick To Get Tinder Plus Subscription Free For Six Months

This trick is done using a Huawei divide or if you don’t have one then we can use an emulator too. But prefer to use an emulator that makes the task easier.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator and install it on your PC.
  2. During the setup, enter your brand as Huawei and model as  VOG-L29.
  3. When the device asks for location, put it as Mexico and save.
  4. When your setup is completed then open the chrome browser inside Bluestacks.
  5. Follow the given link and download the Huawei app gallery (uptodown website link).
  6. Install this application and when done, give it the permissions it asks for.
  7. The Huawei app gallery will ask you to download HMS, allow it, and let it install with giving permission which it asks for.
  8. Make a new account as a Huawei user and set your location as Mexico again. Enter an email address, date of birth, and set the password.
  9. Log in with this new ID onto the Huawei app gallery.
  10. Go to the ‘Me’ section of this app and locate another option for ‘Rewards’. Click on it.
  11. Inside the ‘Rewards’ panel, you’ll find a search bar and search for Tinder. Afterwhich, the Tinder offers will start showing.
  12. Claim the offer and make sure your bluestack location is set to Mexico.
  13. If all is done right, your promo code will become visible at this moment.
  14. The last step is to make a new Tinder account with your account details. But use the given link for the same and enter the promo code first then follow up with the details later on.
  15. Voila! you have got yourself 6 months of Tinder Plus Subscription for free.

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