Sex Sports Championship Announced: Know Rules, Tasks, Points System and More

All you need to know about the first ever Sex competition that is going to be held in Sweden.


Sweden, renowned for its progressive principles and commitment to equality, has shattered expectations by officially recognizing sex as a competitive activity. In a truly astonishing twist, the northern European nation is preparing to host the groundbreaking European Sex Championship.

Sex Sports Championship Announced: Know Rules, Tasks, Points System and More

Arranged by the innovative Swedish Sex Federation, this extraordinary event is slated to kick off on June 8. Talented individuals from diverse European countries will converge to demonstrate their prowess across a remarkable array of 16 disciplines. Over the course of several weeks, these participants will captivate audiences with their extraordinary skills and abilities.

During each intense day of competition, lasting six hours, these exceptional athletes will engage in exhilarating sessions. The individual “matches,” ranging from 45 minutes to an hour, will showcase their remarkable talent, dedication, and passion for this extraordinary sport.

European Sex Championship Tasks and Points

The European Sex Championship features a variety of disciplines that celebrate sensuality and physical intimacy. These include seduction, body massages, exploring erogenous zones, prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, physical appearance, executing poses, creative position changes, achieving multiple orgasms within a time limit, artistic performance and pose transitions, and the ability to increase heart rate and blood pressure during competition.

Furthermore, there are additional categories that highlight the aesthetics and creativity of the participants. These categories include the most visually stunning and intricate pose, the most artistically expressive communication judged by both a panel and the audience, and the couple who exhibit the highest level of activity, artistic interpretation of the Kamasutra, and popularity among both the jury and spectators.

In each discipline, participants can receive a score ranging from 5 to 10 points. This score is determined through a combination of public voting and the evaluation of a panel of five judges. The tournament is divided into three levels, and participants must achieve a specific number of points in each level to progress further in the competition.

Sex Sports Championship Announced: Know Rules, Tasks, Points System and More

European Sex Championship Winner Rule

Till now, European Sex Championship has received the registration of 20 participants from different countries. The winner for the tournament will be decided by a jury and audience vote. 70% of the total votes will be considered from the audience’s side and remaining 30% of votes from judges will be considered.


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