Rocketry Movie Review: R Madhavan Starrer is a Captivating Biography


Rocketry Movie Review Punchline: R Madhavan starrer biographical drama sticks to the reality and brings out an interesting and compelling story to the viewers without compromising or downplaying the struggles of Nambi Narayanan to invoke entertainment.

Rocketry Movie Review
Rocketry Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan is back with a banger of a performance. He shines in the limited time has been allotted on the screens.

Rocketry Movie Review Rating: 4/5


Cast: R Madhavan, Shah Rukh Khan, Simran, Misha Ghoshal, Suriya

Director: R Madhavan

Rocketry Movie Story: The Biographical drama stars R Madhavan as the former ISRO scientist and Padma Bhushan award winner Nambi Narayanan. Rocketry brings forward the unheard and unseen story of Nambi, the scientist who declined an invitation from NASA to help his homegrown space research organisation excel. At one point in time, suspicions of espionage grew upon him, but after the long and hard battle of many years, he somehow overcame all the odds to finally get recognition for his contribution to the advancement of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Rocketry Movie Detailed Review:

Rocketry Movie Review
Rocketry Movie Review: The non-linear narrative of the movie is an interesting technique that helps in enhancing the cinematic effect of the film.

R Madhavan has delivered perhaps his career-best performance in this enthralling biographical drama that sticks to the fact and refuses to tone down the narrative in order to please the masses. The movie keeps all the jargon involved with scientific research to let viewers know that this is a serious movie dealing with a serious issue.

R Madhavan has also directed the film, and to say that he has done an excellent job would be an understatement. His work behind the camera is as efficient as his work in front of the camera. He shines in both aspects and once again proves that he is one of the best actors currently working in Indian cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan is a treat to watch in this film. His fans would be extremely delighted to see such a significant and gripping performance from their favourite superstar after almost three years. Shah Rukh plays the interviewer who questions the real-life Nambi Narayanan about the events that have happened in his life.

The movie is told in a quite cinematic manner. Nambi Narayanan answers the questions that Shah Rukh puts forward through the performance of R Madhavan, who portrays the role of Nambi in the film. The movie does not stick to a linear pattern as the question keeps on changing according to the mood and the trails that the previous question had left behind.

Rocketry does well in just simply laying a story in front of the viewers. It does not intend to showcase that Nambi was a hero who rejected NASA to pursue a career in ISRO. Instead, it lets the viewer decides how they want to perceive the character of Nambi Narayanan. The entire journey of the scientist is shown, with most of the focus being on his professional journey.

The cast is phenomenal, and you won’t find anyone trying to thrust their presence. R Madhavan’s effort must be applauded, for he has done a remarkable job both as an actor and director. All in all, the movie does deserve a watch in the theatres.


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