Rare Facts About Blue Lotus That Can Surprise You


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Blue lotus is magnificently good looking and can make up for a good house decor but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It has psychedelic properties, health benefits, and more but probably like most of us, you’re just not aware of that.

But firstly, you need to know that it’s not commonly available and is considered an entheogenic drug meaning it has mind-altering properties.

Which is the reason behind that it comes under the ‘Psychedelics’ under the law of some countries but has not been considered as a banned substance.

The cultivation, selling and usage in other products is also allowed but one needs to confirm with the country codes that they’re in as they differ from one country to another.

The blue lotus contains two compounds Apomorphine and Nuciferine which both can induce a feeling of happiness, calmness, reduce anxiety, and bring you to mind to peace.

It can also be used as a sexual stimulant and can be used as a decoration or taken in as a product with the same benefits.

Blue Lotus

Usage of Blue Lotus

The blue lotus is thus used directly and indirectly in many ways and some of them are as follows:

  1. They can be used to add a different flavor to the tea. Just add one or two buds of the flower and there you have it, a great-tasting and deliciously smelling drink is ready.
  2. They can be used for smoking up as well. One can make a roll of the flowers using the required materials and can enjoy a smoking session. Keeping in mind that it has psychedelic effects, make sure you’re doing this activity under a controlled environment.
  3. It can be added into a vaping pot along with the mix and a puff or two can be enjoyed as well.
  4. One can also infuse it in some alcoholic mix of their likelihood. But since we’ve already mentioned that its poisonous properties are yet a mystery, its best to avoid the consumption of such a delicacy.
  5. It is also sold commercially in the form of essential or massage oil.


Disadvantages of Using Blue Lotus 

Some of the downsides from the use of Blue lotus are as follows:

  1. There are chances that you might be booked if you are using it in a country where its use is not allowed.
  2. There has not been any research conducted on the flower that can properly indicate its true negative properties. And you shouldn’t be considering experimenting if you do not wish to be the guinea pig for discovery about the flower.
  3. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labels the flower as poisonous.

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