New Guidelines Out For International Arrivals, Check The Details Now


The government issued new guidelines on Friday, which will go into action on January 11 and continue in effect until further regulations are issued regaring the SOP for international arrivals.

The new order was introduced following the discovery of the Omicron strain of coronavirus. Previously, travelers from “at-risk” nations were required to produce a sample for COVID testing upon arrival and wait for the results at the airport before departing or connecting.

Guidelines For International Flights
Guidelines For International Flights

All passengers must submit a self-declaration form and a negative RT-PCR report to the Air Suvidha website before traveling to comply with the new standards. Covid-19 testing can also be scheduled in advance and performed on-site.

A minimum of 07 day quarantine has been made mandatory for the international arrivals. Additionally, a RT-PCR test on the eighth day of the quarantine and a seven-day home quarantine is required for all international visitors in India.

Thermal Screening will be performed on all passengers by airport health specialists. “Patients who exhibit signs of illness while passing through security must be separated and quickly transported to a medical facility. If they test positive, their contacts must be identified and managed following the technique “Compliance with the regulations.

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Travelers from “at-risk” nations will be required to submit samples for Covid-19 testing upon arrival in the United States. The laws oblige them to wait for their test results at the airport before departing or taking a connecting flight.

The two choices for screening people who show indicators of illness are segregation and evacuation to a medical facility. If they are proven to be positive, they will be traced down to the people they have contacted.

Suppose passengers subjected to home quarantine or self-health monitoring exhibit signs and symptoms suggestive of Covid or test positive on re-testing. In that case, they must promptly self-isolate and inform their nearest health center.

Passengers from “high-risk” nations are still subject to the same limitations as previously: they must take a test and wait for the findings before departing or connecting.

Since its discovery in November, the highly contagious Omicron virus has spread worldwide. More than 3,007 new cases have been registered in India’s 27 states. The states having the most illnesses are Maharashtra and Delhi.

To check the full Guidelines For International Arrival, you can visit official government website by clicking here.

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