10 Best Movies More Famous For Their Scenic Setting Than The Storyline


We watch movies to escape into another reality—to leave the one we’re in and enter another. If a movie is visually stunning and beautiful, that sensation comes more naturally.

What exactly, though, makes a movie beautiful to watch?

It may be the visual effects, soundtrack, composition, or color scheme used in the film. And other times, it’s just a straightforward but elusive quality of visual pleasure. Here, Flickonclick will give you valuable recommendations for your watch list that will allow you to enter various fantasy realms.

the tree of live- movies with sceniv scenic settings


Here Are The 10 Best Movies with Scenic Settings:

  1. “Silence” (2016)

Martin Scorsese and Mexican DP Rodrigo Prieto first worked together on “Wolf of Wall Street,” but their partnership peaked on “Silence.” Even for a Scorsese movie, the stark images and distinctive color palette are remarkable as you see the potent religious/period drama. However, this is not entirely unexpected, given the meticulous planning that goes into each of his movies.

But under challenging circumstances, Prieto achieved the sculpted appearance of the movie. By using fog, nature, the sea, and the sun as the tools of his outdoor studio, Prieto manages to control the elements while juggling tough terrain under continuously shifting and severe weather conditions.

  1. The Sound of Music

The gorgeous exteriors of Julie Andrews dancing and singing “The Sound of Music” were filmed in Salzburg, Austria, even though many sequences in this 1965 musical were produced in a studio. This is only one of many instances that give the movie a breath of fresh mountain air feel.

  1. There Will be Blood (2007)

It was difficult to pick just one Paul Thomas Anderson movie for this list because fantastic movies like The Master and Phantom Thread both made the list. But we believe that his greatest accomplishment, There Will Be Blood, was well worth it. Daniel Plainview, portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis in the American epic drama, is a psychopath and ruthless oilman who relentlessly pursued fortune and power during the oil boom in Southern California at the turn of the century.

  1. All These Sleepless Nights” (2017)

The best illustration of the novel storytelling and cinematic language made available by a new generation of light-sensitive, reasonably priced digital cameras is “All These Sleepless Nights” (2017). Director and co-cinematographer Michal Marczak worked with his two leads to produce a documentary-style film that feels more like a cinematic portrayal of a restless teenager than a documentary.

Cinematography plays a huge role in Marczak’s creative process. His depictions of unending party worlds frequently take place during the most evocative times of day, and in other instances, he would arrive early with co-DoP Maciej Twardowski to set up the lighting themselves.

  1. Free Solo

Incredibly beautiful pictures of mountains and the clinically brave man obsessed with climbing them are featured in Free Solo, 2018 Oscar-winning documentary. Stay for the shameless mountain and forest porn after experiencing the excitement of witnessing climber Alex Honnold risk his life to make history.

  1. Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Elio (Timothée Chalamet) meets and falls in love with his father’s research assistant in the summer of 1983 in Northern Italy (Armie Hammer). Beyond the fact that the movie tells an essential LGBTQIA+ story while managing to be amusing, heartwarming, and tragic, it’s an incredible cheat code for beauty.

  1. Neon Demon” (2016)

2016’s “Neon Demon” by Nicolas Winding Refn’s proposal for a colorful nightmare inspired by the seduction of beauty as seen in fashion magazines is one of those concepts that sounds fantastic and thrilling but is difficult to execute. The elegant sheen of expensive fashion photography with a noirish undercurrent was thankfully created by cinematographer Natasha Braier, one of the most creative, resourceful, and fearless DoPs working today while shooting on multiple locations and within the constraints of a quick, low-budget $5 million shoot. Braier transforms the identifiable Los Angeles into a beautiful hellscape in paintings that are nearly entirely composed of colour and shadow.

  1. The Tree of Life

A butterfly buzzing around a front yard is intercut with pictures of breathtaking caves and deserts in Terrence Malick’s 2011 drama. There are also painstakingly produced panoramas of the cosmos that were generated totally without the use of CGI. After finishing that, we advise you to watch his criminally overlooked 2019 drama A Hidden Life, which is also replete with beautiful natural scenery.

  1. Dunkirk (2017)

Because he frequently plays with complex physics concepts like entropy and general relativity, Christopher Nolan’s big and dramatic style of filmmaking can occasionally come off as overpowering and perplexing. If this year’s Nolan science fiction proved a little too complex for you, we recommend Dunkirk. The 1940 evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk’s beaches is portrayed in the war thriller from the views and various time frames of land, sea, and air.

  1. The Great Beauty” (2013)

Together for a long time, Luca Bigazzi and Paolo Sorrentino have worked on both film and television projects, including “Youth” and “The Young Pope.” Their 2013 collaboration on “The Great Beauty,” a film about an old man’s journey through the glamour and clubs of his own youth, is probably their greatest artistic achievement. It captures sun-drenched Italian landscapes and the evening party scenes lit by fireworks, creating a beautiful contrast between day and night.

The wide-angle celebrations’ sweeping camerawork pays homage to the activity and bodies below. As the vibrant pandemonium envelops the quiet in the centre of the frame, Bigazzi highlights it. It is a stunning mingling of the natural and artificial, of simplicity and artifice. It is blatant excess in movie form.




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