Oscars 2022 Highlights: Will Smith’s Slap, CODA Being Movie Of The Year, and More


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This year’s Oscars is on a high roll with things as unexpected as a complete swing slap from Will Smith. Well! If you’ve already watched the video, you know the whole story, and if not, we have already covered the Oscars 2022 Highlights for you. 

Now, for things that matter other than this, let’s introduce you to everything that happened at this year’s Oscars.

Oscars Highlights 2022
Oscars Highlights 2022

Oscars 2022 Highlights

Let’s get you up to speed on everything at 94th Academy Awards. We bet it’s exciting. Let’s start. 

Chris Rock Gettin Slapped By Will Smith

It was one of the most astonishing moments of the awards. Will Splapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife. Later he won his first Oscar ever. And on top of that, unlike all that happens at awards, it was not a prank; it was a real moment on live television.

To know more about the same, read the full story by clicking on the link: Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock: Get To Know The Full Story.

Apple TV’s CODA Bags Movie Of The Year

A movie about a family of deaf’s and their daughter, Ruby, who likes to sing in a choir group, bagged the ‘Movie of the year award.’ Moreover, this is the first time an OTT release has won such a prestigious title. Lastly, it was a remake of a french film going by La Famille Bélier.

Billie Eilish Now Has an Oscar, Too After Bagging Handful Of Grammy’s

It was a shocking moment when Billies was the talk of the town during the previous Grammy awards. Her phenomenal set of Grammy awards that she kept on receiving one after another.

This teenage artist has the world in her pocket as she now bagged another one of the most prestigious awards; The Oscars for best original song in the name of Billie and Finneas’s album ‘No Time To Die,’ which was used in the latest James Bond movie. 

Jessica Chastain Winning Best Actress 

Jessica, who played the lead role in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, won Oscars for best actress for the same. The reason stated was that she managed to pull off an excellent delivery even when she was under heavy prosthetics. 

Dune Won The Best Cinematic Movie Of The Year

Dune became the movie with the best cinematic effects for this year’s academy awards. The film featuring Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Jason Momoa, and more is an excellent treat to the eyes and is now verified by the Oscard academy. 

Beyonce At Her Best

She kickstarted the show with her green overalls and with the stage being painted green. While she rocked the stage with her performance of ‘Be Alive’ from ‘King Richard,’ the audience sat through the whole opening act with silence and fixed gaze. 

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