Safety Points while Shopping during Covid-19


With more than 3,000 confirmed cases, India is becoming a panic place for the residents. As of yesterday, an increase of 302 COVID-19 cases in the last 12 hours has been recorded. And amid this outbreak, the government is emphasizing staying home as much as possible. They have mentioned certain safety points while shopping during Covid-19.

But at last, people do have to come out to fulfill their requirements. Grocery stores and medical shops have been the places to experience sudden growth in the customers. So when the time comes when you have to go out and defend for your safety, what to do? 

Here we have a complete step-guide for you on how to keep all safety points while shopping during Covid-19 and make sure you return home safe and sound.

Be safe while shopping during covid-19

Minimize shopping or Choose a less crowded time slot

Don’t just go into supermarkets if you are bored at home. Take precautions. Lower down your shopping frequency. And if it’s a necessity, go there early in the morning which is more likely to be less crowded.

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Masks are not recommended for everyone but if you have one, wear it

Particularly, if you have symptoms of the virus, you are advised to wear a face mask. If you have one, wear it. But it is strongly recommended to save the N95 and any type of surgical masks for the professionals.

Use the Latex Gloves

The latest gloves are meant for light or soft use and can be easily ripped. While wearing a pair of these, try to avoid any contact with your face or your skin while removing them.

Use sanitizer instead of gloves

Yes, it’s true. Try to use those resources which are available with you right now. Use sanitizer if you do not have the Latex gloves. Now, almost every supermarket is keeping those. So it’s hard not to find one near you. 

Thoroughly clean your shopping cart with medical wipes before touching it

Medical wipes are a good choice for cleaning a particular area throughout. You can find these in any medical shop which you can put in your carry bag ready to use.

When you are in the store, avoid unnecessary touching

It’s a habit of humans to pick up all those amusing things they see in one place. Try avoiding this habit for some time. Plan what items do you require and pick only these particular items.

Keep your phone in your pocket as much as you can

The phone is the most favorite site for the virus to make its pit for staying. Avoid taking it out before you urgently need it. Also, it is advised to choose cashless payment to avoid any contact.

Exercise social distancing as much as possible

The grocery store is those places where people get touchy without any reason. Amid the outbreak, maintain at least 6 feet (or 1 meter) distance from others to become less prone to any disease.

Change your clothes after coming back to your house

In general, the WHO has stated that fabrics are not a major source of transmission. But if it makes you feel good to get changed, do it. It is always good to feel fresh and alive.

Wash your hands before doing anything

We don’t stress it out, but it is always good to remove all dirt and outer particles before you unpack your grocery. Adding to this, avoid any physical contact with your family before you give or take anything. And, use a general soap bar for washing. Remember, soap kills the virus.

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Unpack the right way

There is no proper way to do it, but sanitizing every canned food item is unnecessary. Instead, you can clean the straps of your carry bag, just for safety precautions. 

Handling raw items

Take any fruits or vegetables with you to your kitchen. Rinse them thoroughly with tap water before you keep it in your refrigerator. Do not use soap or sanitizer for cleansing.

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