Loved KGF 2? Here Are 5 Similar Movies Like KGF To Watch This Weekend


Movies Like KGF are loved by everyone, isn’t it? And after the immense success of KGF chapter 1, people were waiting eagerly for its second part. 

And, if you are one of the KGF lovers, then you must have surely watched the movie in the theatres, right? Did you know the trailer itself broke many records? 

Loved KGF 2? Watch These Movies Now
Loved KGF 2? Watch These Movies Now

Well, within 24 hours of the trailer’s release, it became the most-watched Indian movie trailer. So, it is very obvious that the movie will be a great success. 

About KGF 2 

KGF 2 was released on the 14th of April this year. Now, this movie is the continuation of its first part. 

And this is exactly why the audience was waiting for. The audience was eagerly waiting to see what happens next and what will Rocky do next. 

Now, another thing that KGF has been talked about is its cast. Apart from Rocky, the second chapter has cast Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon as well. 

Five Movies Like KGF 2 That You Will Love

Now, if you have watched KGF 1 and 2, you might still be hungover from this exceptional movie, isn’t it? Moreover, even if you want to watch something else, you must be finding movies like KGF. 

So, here are five movies that are similar to KGF. Moreover, these will keep you entertained this weekend as well. 


The first movie on the list is Maari. Maari is a comedy and action-packed film that was released in 2015.

The plot here revolves around the life of a  local goon, Maari. Furthermore, Maari tries to win over his love by getting into a partnership with her. But, to eventually fall into a trap. 

This movie is filled with action and comedy and will keep you entertained for sure. Additionally, the lead cast in this movie is Dhanush, a very talented actor. 

You can also watch this movie on Disney+ Hotstar. So, don’t miss out on this. 


This is another film that you will like if you are a KGF fan. Now, Sarkar is an intense film starring Vijay. 

This movie is about a man who does whatever he can to deal with the problem of corruption during voting in the country.  Furthermore, by going against the politicians he also makes some dangerous and powerful enemies as well. 

Now, this movie is available both on Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. therefore, watch this movie to know whether Vijay’s character was successful in his mission or not. 


This is another Vijay movie that will amaze you. This movie is about two completely different brothers. 

Here, one of them is a magician who does everything on his own. On the other hand, the other brother is a very honest and caring doctor. 

But, things take an abrupt turn when the doctor is dragged into a murder case. After which he sees the corrupted side of the medical industry. 

This movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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Kaala is a super hit film by the superstar himself Rajinikanth. Furthermore, Dhanush also plays an important role in this movie. 

Now, the movie revolves around the life of Karikaalan. He is a person who has devoted his life to the development of the people in the slums of Mumbai. 

And for this, he has to go against one of the most powerful politicians and mafia leaders, Hari Dhadha. 

This movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar. So, watch this now to see what happens.

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If you are a KGF lover, you will definitely love this movie. This is because this is directed by the same director as KGF, Prashanth Neel. 

Urgramm is a full-action movie that will keep you on the edge of your seats the whole time. The plot revolves around a man who witnesses a girl’s rape. 

He then decides to bring justice to the girl and fights against the local goons and media for the same. This movie is available on the Zee5 app. 

Therefore, watch these movies this weekend, especially if you loved KGF 2. These movies are available on various OTT platforms as well.


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