365 Days 2 -Know The Release Date And Time


Michelle Morrone’s movie 365 Days 2 is releasing very soon. The audience were waiting for the second part of this movie for two years now. 

Now, the trailer for 365 Days 2 was also released a week ago. And within a week of its release, there are more than 5 million views of the trailers. 

Watch The 365 Days Sequel Now On Netflix
Watch The 365 Days Sequel Now On Netflix

All About 365 Days

If you are a fan then you must remember the first part of this movie was released in 2020. And, since then the fan base of this movie has been constantly increasing only. 

Now, 365 Days is a story about Laura who was living a normal life as a sales director. But, here life takes a 360 turn when she goes on a vacation to Sicily. 

There she is kidnapped and kept hostage by a mafia named Massimo. Moreover, he does everything he can to make Laura fall in love with him. 

Although the movie ends on a cliffhanger, the story will be continued in its sequel 365 Days: This Day. Did you know that this movie is based on a novel? 

Well, the movie is made after Blanka Lipinska’s novel 365 Dni. The books were initially written in Polish only. But, now also has an English version. 

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365 Days: This Day

According to the announcement, 365 Days: This Day has been released today which is on the 27th of April at 12: 30 p.m. Furthermore, this movie has been released online on Netflix, just like the first part. 

Now, the viewers are for sure excited to know what happens next with Laura and Massimo. But, other than that they are also excited to see Anna-Maria and Michelle work together again. 

Furthermore, there is an addition to the cast that will surely change things up in the plot. And this role is of Marcelo Matos, played by Simone Susinna. The role will also be Massimo’s rival in the second part. 

Additionally, this movie will also be setting up the plot for the third and the final part of this story. 

So, brace yourselves for this movie. And watch the 365 Days: This Day on Netflix now. 


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