Koovs v/s Bewakoof Store? Which One To Go For This Summer


If you’re into online shopping then you must be aware of the popular stores such as Bewakoof and Koovs, but it’s often that they are found selling similar products and we get confused about who to choose in that case.


But we’ll sort that out for you right now with the help of the data analysis that we conducted on both brands. So, here you go with that.


The Number Of Products

While Bewakoof is more into T-shirts and Accesorries such as bags, flip-flops, mobile covers and more. The Koovs Store is primarily into clothing and gives you a variety of things to choose from starting with T-shirts, shirts, lowers, cardigans, pullovers, and much more.

So, if we’re assessing based on product lineup, Koovs is a clear winner.



While most of the time Koovs will give you normal designs with nothing to stand out, Bewakoof will provide something unique.

But it’s not always that the product would be available and they keep changing their lineup quite frequently, which is both a good and a bad thing. But over at Koovs, you’ll find products for a longer time in and in multiple size-types as well.

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While on Bewakoof you get T-shirts starting from INR 399 and above, you can find them a little cheaper and in different varieties with Koovs. Except for that, we don’t have a lot of comparison as T-shirts and accessories are a common point between then and Bewakoof runs short on vertical for comparison.


What’s So Special About Them

While Bewakoof targets the young audience, Koovs can be categorized as a marketplace for the more sophisticated individual. So, they both have their USPs on point and are performing well in their own space and for the selected target audience.

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Final Verdict

Koovs win over Bewkoof over a multitude of terms and is a clear winner over here with their large product base and cheap prices for products that make them an affordable choice.

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