Kooku Web Series List | Kooku Web Series Cast

List of Kukoo Web Series and the Cast Members


Kooku is an Indian digital streaming platform that has taken the world by storm with its unique and engaging web series, short films and songs. Kooku web series has started to viral, and it has often been compared to the digital streaming platform Ullu in terms of the content it has to offer. The Kooku web series cast is among the most highly searched queries on Google in India. Here we have covered everything you need to know about the most popular Kooku web series and the cast involved in them.

Kooku Web Series List | Kooku Web Series Cast

1- Golden Silverr

Golden Silverr Kooku Web Series

This Kooku web series is a fantasy thriller. The show follows a woman who is deprived of love from her husband. She discovers a unique place where she can get both money and pleasure. However, she starts to realise that the path she has chosen will ultimately lead to destruction. The cast of this web series includes Rekha, Romit Baweja, Suraj Bhardwaj, Bharti Kohli, Neeta Sandhu and Amit.

2- Rani Ka Raja

Kooku Rani Ka Raja

Social and family pressure leads a man to hire a woman to pretend as his wife. Everything was going well until the man’s old rival, an Inspector, raids his house and finds the details of the woman. The Inspector later hires that woman to solve his conflict. But as it is said, every fortune comes with some bad blood that the woman later realizes, but there is no turning back. This Kooku web series cast includes Rani Chatterjee, Rajesh Sharma, Abhishek Bajaj, Sudha Chandran, Shruti Ulfat, Arun Bakshi and Priyal Gor.

3- Anamoly

Anamoly Kooku Web Series

Anamoly is a mystery thriller web series. The thrilling story of Abhishek, who is entangled in the maze of his karma and reliving the guilt of a terrible crime he repeatedly committed as punishment from the Boss. Can Abhishek escape this Chakravyuh and put an end to his sufferings, or will he remain trapped in it? The cast of this Kooku web series includes Ruslaan Mumtaz, Sreejita De, Neeta Shetty, Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, Hemant Pandey and Amrita Nagia.

4- Jal Bin Machali

Jal Bin Machali Kooku web series

Virne loves Juhi but has a deep fear that if he initiates the first contact with her, then she will leave him. Will he ever overcome his fear and take the first step? Is Juhi really going to back down if Viren approaches her from the front? This Kooku web series packs a punch and deserves to be watched by everyone. The cast of this show includes Pruthavi Zutshi, Ayushi Sharma, Sohil Vohra, Gaurav Sharma, Forum Desai, Nisha, Baby Mahali and Ritik Aryan.

5- Chutzpah

Kooku Web Series List | Kooku Web Series Cast

This is the story of a girl who hopes to make it big in the city. She tries her level best, but some of her irrational decisions take her on the wrong path. Between all this, she finds someone who is willing to do anything for her. This dramatic Kooku web series stars Sunil Bhargav, Divyaa Singh, Nidhi Mahawan, Prashant Gupta, Shiv Kumar Verma, Musarrat Momin, Rishikesh Tiwari, Vilas Kundkar, Alok Sengupta and Abhay Jha in the lead roles.

6- Banni Ka Kissaa

Banni Ka Kissa

A woman is not someone with who you can mess around. If she can make your house, she has all the abilities to break your house too. This Kooku web series focuses on a young girl who gets married to the eldest of three brothers. However, when she does not get satisfaction from her husband, she starts seducing his brothers. Will the brothers stay put, or will the girl get her way with them? This Kooku web series cast includes Ronshus Grover, Virender Anand, Yogesh Kumar, Sarthak Chaudhary, Mohan Bagga, Anju Thakur, Aaslam, Purnima Jain, Sanjay Dondiyal, Anju Verma and Mohit Gandhi.

7- Saheli

Kooku Web Series List | Kooku Web Series Cast

Saheli is an intriguing Kooku web series that will keep you entertained and engaged for sure. The show follows two women who wish to get married but, due to pressure from their family and society, decide to get a gender change operation. However, the doctor puts forward for them some strange conditions that make them second-guess their choices. Tejas Vyas, Jagdish Arora, Anmol Khan and Sona are the cast members of this Kooku web series.

8- Love Letter

Love Letter Kooku Web Series

This thrilling Kooku original web series follows a man who wants a divorce from his wife to marry the girl he has an affair with. However, will his wife give the divorce easily to him? Is there something that’s going to happen to change all the dynamics? Find out by watching this Kooku web series that stars Angel Priya, Dhiraj Maliya, Sharanya Jit Kaur and Sushant Singh Rajput as the lead cast members.

9- Late Night Project

Kooku Web Series List | Kooku Web Series Cast

This Kooku web series follows a few people who have to work at night on a project. During the project work, a lot of things go awry, and the tension starts to escalate among the people. Sonia Dhillon, Sana, Urjan and Yogesh are the last cast members of this Kooku web series.

10- Blind Kotha

Kooku Web Series List | Kooku Web Series Cast

Blind Kotha is a thrilling Kooku web series that follows a woman who leads a double life as a housewife and someone who entertains people in private at the Blind Kotha. Her favourite client does not know her identity but discovers that he is the boss of her husband, and after that, all hell starts to break loose. The Kooku web series cast includes Riya Singh Gheyar, Gaurav Singh, Chetan, Prasad Padhye, Prashant and Preeti Puneet.


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