July 2022 Horoscope: Know Your Career and Relationship Prospects


With the month of July just around the corner, people are becoming anxious about how their horoscope will turn out. The month of June was a bitter-sweet experience for most of the zodiac signs. However, it has almost come to pass, and the stars are aligning in an altogether different manner for July 2022. If you are curious about how the change in the current formation of planets and stars will alter your horoscope, then you are at the right place. Flickonclick has brought to you every single detail you need to know about your horoscope for July 2022.


aries july 2022 horoscope


People belonging to the Aries sign will need to control their impulsive actions and decisions as they can bring more harm than good. Also, letting go of a few things will be highly beneficial for you lot in the long term.

Career Prospects: Just think through before you take any bold and daring step in your career in the month of July.

Relationship Prospects: Things are much brighter on this end than they were a month ago. If you are in love, this might be the best month to convey your feelings.

Lucky Number and Colour: 28 will be your lucky number, and green is the colour that can be beneficial for you this month.

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The vibrant Tauras folks just keep the hustle going on as you are soon expected to arrive at a position of self-discovery. The efforts that you have been putting in will soon start to show their change.

Career Prospects: Embark into the unknown, take risks and go all out as you are expected to succeed this month.

Relationship Prospects: Be careful with the choice of your words. Don’t try to escape from your duties as a family member.

Lucky Number and Colour: The last two digits of your birth year are your lucky number, and being as enthusiastic as the red colour will help you in July 2022.


Your horoscope for July 2022 is promising that a lot is going to change in your lives. You have to be vigilant and alert at all moments as there is a chance of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slipping by you.

Career Prospects: Being on your toes will help you this month. Be open to criticism and work on your improving your skills. Meanwhile, don’t let the side hustle die down.

Relationship Prospects: Expecting too much will cause you great suffering and pain. Learn to sit back and relax once in a while. What’s yours will come back to you.

Lucky Number and Colour: 14 is your lucky number, and being as calm as the colour white should be your goal in July 2022.

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cancer july 2022 horoscope

We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the month of July is not looking too fruitful for you. Refrain from trying out new things this month.

Career Prospects: Don’t argue. Just keep your head down and let this month pass, as being involved in a tussle can prove to be harmful to you.

Relationship Prospects: Just follow the everyday mantra and keep doing what you have been. You may receive unnecessary flak but for once, bear it.

Lucky Number and Colour: 13 is your lucky number, and sky blue is your best colour for July.


Be prepared to be blessed, as you will be rewarded for your hard work this month. Your prospects for July 2022 horoscope are fantastic if you continue to do the grind.

Career Prospects: You will be hailed at work for being a role model and pioneer. You can also start a new activity for future stability.

Relationship Prospects: Your married life will get better as you and your partner will solve some lingering issues of the past.

Lucky Number and Colour: 17 is your lucky number, and yellow is the colour of your glow this month.


New friendships and alliances are on their way to making July a month you will remember for a long time to come. You will be introduced to new thrills and adventures.

Career Prospects: Everything will work out for you in July but don’t get too greedy, as it will only take a moment for everything to crumble.

Relationship Prospects: There is a chance of a friendship turning into a love story if you are able to seize the right moment.

Lucky Number and Colour: 33 is the number that will bring you prosperity along with the brown colour.

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Libra folks, get up and put your party shoes on cause this month will be filled with fun and enjoyment for you. You will be blessed with a great atmosphere in July 2022.

Career Prospects: You will do well in your area of work and may be rewarded with a handsome vacation or salary hike.

Relationship Prospects: You and your spouse will grow and excel together. Your energy and vibes are going to resonate with each other.

Lucky Number and Colour: 47 is the number you should keep an eye on and black is the colour you should don in July 2022.


Scorpions are lovely until they decide that they have had enough. This might be the month you will come to this conclusion to make a life-changing decision.

Career Prospects: Don’t make decisions in anger. Avoid getting into arguments at work and seek help from your trusted ones.

Relationship Prospects: Spend more time with your loved ones as this month may prove to be tough on you.

Lucky Number and Colour: 27 is the lucky number, and navy blue is the colour you can depend on this month.


The last six months have been nothing but full of hardships for you. However, your time to rejoice has finally arrived. You have a bright horoscope for July 2022.

Career Prospects: Things are aligning for something special. You can receive a promotion and may even succeed in your own business.

Relationship Prospects: The long-distance relationship will become harder for you but don’t worry, as you are soon expected to reunite with your partner.

Lucky Number and Color: 99 is the number you can bet anything on in July, and grey is the colour you should rely on.


 capricorn july 2022 horoscope

You will become more confident and energetic this month. Your strengths will start to show up as you embark on a mission to achieve something huge.

Career Prospects: Extremely good time to build and focus on something which you have desired for quite a long amount of time.

Relationship Prospects: It may sound harsh but leave behind the people who have moved on. Focus your energy on meeting new people.

Lucky Number and Colour: 7 is your lucky number and orange is the colour of your strengths this month.

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Tough luck will follow you because your horoscope for July 2022 is not bright. However, diverting your energy from unnecessary things can help you maintain peace.

Career Prospects: A few problems will start to rear their head, but you need to let the flow of time handle and ease out the issues for you.

Relationship Prospects: Keep your calm and don’t get too carried away. Just take one step at a time in your relationship.

Lucky Number and Colour: 73 is your lucky number, and purple is the colour you want to find everywhere.


Lastly, the Pisces folks, you had to wait long to read your horoscope but let us tell you you won’t have to wait long for anything in July 2022. This is the month you have been waiting for. Take the initiative and step towards your goal.

Career Prospects: You will be able to achieve great things if you are willing to take the first step.

Relationship Prospects: Learn to give. You are not the only one who needs support. Now it’s your turn to become a supporting pillar for your partner.

Lucky Number and Colour: 21 is your lucky number, and black is the colour that can fill your life with brightness.


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