Janaki Jaane Movie Review: A Heartwarming Drama

Janaki Jaane Movie Review: A nice heartwarming drama


Janaki Jaane Movie Review: This Malayalam movie is a heartfelt emotional drama that will make you laugh and cry at some points. The film is filled with feel good moments.

Janaki Jaane Movie Review Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | 4/5


Janaki Jaane Movie Cast: Navya Nair, Saiju Kurup, Johny Antony, Sharafudheen, Anarkali Marikkar

Janaki Jaane Movie Director: Aneesh Upasna

Janaki Jaane Movie Story: Janaki, a small-town girl, struggles with a panic disorder and tries to avoid getting married. Things get complicated when Unni Mukundan wants to marry her.

Janaki Jaane Movie Review: A Heartwarming Drama

Janaki Jaane Movie Review

Janaki Jaane is a heartfelt touching story of a small-town girl struggling with panic disorder. She tries to avoid getting married but things take a complicated turn when Unni becomes interested in her. Is there a love story for Janaki in the future or will she end up rejecting the love offered by Unni?

Navya Nair is absolutely brilliant as Janaki in the film. She is the heart and soul of this dramatic film which is rollercoaster of emotions. Nair shows her versatility as an actress through the role of Janaki. Saiju Kurup has completed her well with his acting skills.

Aneesh Upasna’s direction is top notch and we could not have asked for something more. The screenplay and cinematography is also crisp and to the point. However, the music of the film did let us down a bit. But nothing can be totally perfect and same is the case with Janaki Jaane.

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Overall, the film is a good watch and you should visit the theatres if you want to watch a heartwarming story on the big screen.


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