IndiGo to Charge ₹100 Extra Just For Check-in


Indigo one of the budget airline careers announces a new rule for flight check-in. This new rules state that for an individual traveling with indigo to check in the airport, they have to spend a ₹100 just for check-in itself.

In light of the covid-19 situation, the government has made it mandatory to do web check ins before coming to the airport in order to safeguard from the pandemic situation.

Now, in a recent statement indigo airlines made it clear that from the 17th of October onwards any passenger traveling with indigo would have to pay the required sum for checking in.

“IndiGo has introduced a service fee of ₹100 for check-in at the airport counters effective October 17, 2020,” read the statement.

“We encourage all passengers of Indigo to web check-in as per the Government directive, using our website or mobile app. The check-in fee at the airport counters is applicable on all bookings made, starting from today i.e. October 17, 2020,” it said.

They have termed this extra charge as service fees and if you are traveling via indigo you have no option but to pay up.

Indigo are taking the government-issued web check-in as their base for this extra charge. The government has issued this notice on 25th May follow the idea of web check-in order to reduce touchpoints.

Now we all know that the aviation industry suffered heavily from the pandemic situation and I trying to make a recovery. Which might be a big reason behind the extra charge.

But apart from that, it is hoped that the economy will get back on track as we’re observing a drop in Covid-19 cases after a long time. It is still very soon to say what’s going to happen but we can only hope for the best.

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