How to Improve Vitamin D in Body While Sitting at Home?


Being compelled by the pandemic to sit inside our houses during the lockdown period has changed our way of living. It was kind of benefits for our health when we were chasing after the morning bus or train to reach the office. At least, this was the only workout we could rely upon to keep us in shape but that too got halted.

Staying within the four walls of our houses has even led to concealment of our body from the sun and deficiency in Vitamin D. Forced to stay indoors has made people lethargic, obese, and led to various vitamin deficiencies. Due to the lockdown, we have risked our bone health and immune system as we started lacking in Vitamin D with bare minimum exposure to sunlight.


Vitamin D

There are a lot of things that we all need to learn about Vitamin D like Vitamin D helps the body to function well by keeping the bones healthy and strengthening the immune system. It is also known for preventing cancers.

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What is the Importance of Vitamin D?

Those who are unaware of the benefits of Vitamin D should read this carefully as Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping our body healthy and prevent health issues like heart diseases, hypertension, bacterial infections, diabetes, rapid-aging, immunity disorder, multiple sclerosis, and certain cancers.

What are the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

The symptoms are unnoticeable at the initial stage, but as time passes by and if care is not taken for the body, then acute deficiency might take place and may cause muscle cramps, backache, fatigue, and depression, and sleep disorder.

How to Get Vitamin D When Homebound?

What can be the best source other than sunlight for Vitamin D? One must expose himself/herself in the morning for at least 15-20 minutes to soak in the morning sunlight. Other than natural sunlight there are various food items that are rich in Vitamin D like cod liver oil, orange, coriander, cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, garlic, mushrooms, black mustard, Kashmiri garlic, turmeric, and mushroom that will definitely help in boosting one’s immunity naturally.

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How to Consume Vitamin D Rich Foods?

Make a habit of having at least two cloves of garlic or 4-5 cloves of Kashmiri garlic on an empty stomach early in the morning and the same amount after dinner before going to sleep.

A small piece of dark chocolate never harms our body and if you consume a tiny bit of dark chocolate daily then this will result positively in immunity as it is a good source of Vitamin D.

Your mother must have cooked mushrooms many times and you must have eaten at least once if you do not like it. But now, it’s time to make some necessary changes if you want to stay fit and healthy and start having mushrooms at least once a week because it helps in keeping a balance of Vitamin D in our body. Along with mushrooms, you should also start eating bajra or ragi roti to quicken the process of upping the level of vitamins.

There are other food items to boost Vitamin D levels like black mustard and turmeric powder.

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Can Too Much Consumption of Vitamin D Be Harmful to the Body?

One cannot get too much natural Vitamin D from the sun because one has to stand for a long time under the scorching sun that is impossible and time-consuming. But supplements can overdo the consumption that may cause various health problems.

High consumption might lead to hypercalcemia, symptoms of which are nausea, increased thirst and urination, and poor appetite.



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