How to earn money online from your Home? Answers are below


With the Internet dominating over and influencing a large part of our lives, especially now with the work from home set-up and the new norm of social distancing, all because of the coronavirus pandemic and the second wave we are experiencing now, more people are looking for ways to earn money online from your home to increase their income streams.

Here are various ways to earn money online from your home

1) OlympTrade

 Earn Money from Olymp Trade

Trading is one of the oldest sports for money minded people to earn money onlin and they sure do love this game. And why they shouldn’t, afterall you can get a boatload of money from the comfort of your home by squishing some probability and number crunching.

ET Money and Olymp Trade are two popular platforms that provide the service for the same and they have various exciting features that can actually make your biddings better than ever before.


Virtual Content Writing Jobs

Pens have always been mightier than swords, and now keyboards are joining the race as well. In the world of the Internet boom, earning from writing has never been easier. The more information that floods people, the direr becomes the need of those who can filter content and present it in a manner that people would love to consume.

After building a portfolio, it’s really easy to bag some guest posts or monetize from your own niche blogs. Medium Partner Program is a real boon for those who don’t want to take the pains of setting up a blog and finding an initial audience. Similarly, Quora Partner Program pays its users for asking relevant questions that attract quality answers (it is currently in an invite-only mode, though they plan to open it for the entire public soon).


Sell Video Tutorials Online


Video tutorials are an increasingly growing market. If you are one of those who explained the entire course to your friends in just a couple of hours, then that is a skill you can count on for your financial needs.

From becoming an educator on Unacademy to starting your own YouTube channel and monetizing it, there are many ways through which “teaching from home” can be used to earn significantly. There are various websites out there that are willing to pay to convert text-based instructions into small how-to video guides, and that can prove to be a really good place to start.


Sell Items on OLX

Sell items on olx and earn money

Selling second stuff on OLX is a sweet side business model and one can take old gadgets, household products or anything of no use to the original consumer and sell it at a higher price than at what it has been purchased for.

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There is almost no risk included as you can take photographs of the product beforehand and quote the price online. And then post the offer is made from a new customer, you can purchase the product from your end and make the deliverable.

Translation/Transcription/Data Entry

These are entry-level jobs and need more practice and proficiency than sophisticated skills. As every business is moving online, companies need a way to shift/record data in a digital format, to be able to analyze the data and get important insights from it. This is where these jobs come in. 

The best thing about data entry is that it can be done by almost anyone, although translation and transcription will require a good hold over certain language(s).



Surveys and Rewards


From Google Opinion Rewards InboxPounds to Swagbucks, there are hundreds of survey apps that pay users to fill surveys and answer basic questions. They are genuine as this data is then used by big corporations to polish and target their ads more effectively.

If done correctly, one can earn quite a sum from these. Toluna, for example, pays about £3.75 per hour of surveys filled (which is about $4.5 or ₹325). 


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