How To Claim Insurance For Your Stolen Car, Follow these Steps


Buying a car of your choice is a dream but getting your car insured is a responsibility one should not forget. How to claim insurance for your stolen car is something which you should know, just in case! Buying a car is still a luxury for many in our country. Choosing the one model that you want to purchase, taking numerous test drives until you finally set up your mind, going through all the paperwork; insurance, tax, and loan are some of the many hurdles one has to cross before they are given the keys to their transport. 

Claim Insurance For Your Stolen Car

While some of us choose to buy a fresh one, others may seem to go safe and invest in a second-hand. But most importantly, both of these cars should contain legal documents including Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC), your driving license, and most crucial, a Comprehensive Insurance Policy. 

In India, vehicle theft is a major issue to tackle. According to the police department in Delhi, over 44,000 motor vehicles were stolen motor vehicle crime in 2018. While the numbers don’t seem to take an end, we as a car owner must ensure proper back up on our own. 


To tackle such issues, one needs a proper comprehensive insurance policy for their car. Not only missing on it could lead the owner to a major fine penalty but this way, they can claim certain benefits from the insurance company to accommodate their repair expenses. 

These benefits are accustomed during such scenarios including theft, financial losses, natural calamities, or man-made disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, theft, malicious act, riot, housebreaking, etc. God forbid that you never have to experience car theft, but if you do, some basic steps to claim insurance for your stolen car correctly is given below.

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Five Steps to claim insurance for your car is stolen


  1. File an FIR: Firstly, if your car is stolen, go to the nearest police station and lodge a First Information Report (FIR). Under Section 378, the government of India prohibits the manner to take away another person’s vehicle without his/her permission. If experienced, it needs to be reported soon after the happening. 
  • Then, with a copy of your FIR, report the matter to your car insurer, specifying every necessary detail. This will be a pre-requisite step to be taken first. Also, you need to report your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO). This will fasten your work to process all your claims. 
  1. Fill the Claim Form: Secondly, you must submit the Claim Form quickly. The claim form will be given by your insurer. To claim your benefits, a memorandum related to all the necessary information of your cars such as number plate, policy number, and the date and time of the incident is to be filled. 
  1. Submit Your Documents: Submit a copy of the following documents to your nearest RTO office-
  • Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Duly signed claim form
  • The first two pages of the policy documents d. Driving license
  • Copy of the Police FIR 
  • Theft intimation letter addressed to the RTO branch.
  1. Transfer RC, Keys, and Subrogation letter: Next, you have to submit a Subrogation letter to your insurer. This letter transfer and entitles your stolen car’s RC in favor of the car insurance company. This form will be filled once the police submit a  final ‘no traceable report’ and your claim is approved. 
  • You will also be required to submit original/duplicate keys of your car along with the subrogation letter. 

Recompense: Finally, the owner is required to submit all repair invoices to the car insurance company. The company will send a surveyor whose role is to look out on the total repair expenses. After checking each detail thoroughly, your repair payments will be transacted within 7 days of approval. 

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