How to claim health insurance benefits successfully from multiple policies

Health insurance is one of the things that every other person should have ample knowledge about but we Indians pass on information like these and wait for the time of calling to collect information usually. Did you know that instead of having one health policy you can opt for multiple one’s and cover for your full expenses of medical bills by using them the right way?


There are certain things that one should know in order to use their health policy at its full potential and the steps are as follows:

Get to Know Your Policy Details

Everyone should know what kind of policy they have applied for and what are the areas of medication that your policy covers. There are certain factors that define how much of a help will be coming your way from the application of health insurance.

The factors that go into counting are the amount that could be claimed, Panel hospitals, the review of that policy, the diseases that it covers and the premium that you need to pay on a yearly basis. Get to know all that and at the time of need, you’d be set to use your policy effortlessly.

Intimate the Insurance Company 

The first step in order to apply for remuneration from the policy is to intimate the insurance company and file your application with the required documents.

If you fail to timely declare your hospitalization or any other medical cause then there are chances that you’d be facing a hard time while getting your amount refunded via the health policy. That is the reason, It’s advised to intimate the insurance company as soon as possible.

Policy Sequencing

If you own multiple policies then there are chances that with the proper planning and sequencing your policies in the right order, you can avail the maximum benefit of the policy in order to refund the maximum amount possible.

You can take maximum benefit from the policy that has the lower amount first and then after that, you can opt for the second one using it to its full potential as well.

Rules for Approval of Second Policy

If you’re someone having two or more policies then there are chances that you may not know how to apply for the same.

In case of a multi-policy debate, you need to file one policy first with the original documents and then when your first policy gets approved, you need to take the second one with attested documents from the first insurer along with an insurance summary.

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