Say Goodbye to Fatty Liver; Essential Foods for SGPT and GGPT Control

Liver is the largest organ of our body, which is also considered the strongest. However, an excessive unhealthy lifestyle can also make the liver sick.


You must have often heard about the heart in songs, but both these organs also play an important role in keeping the body healthy. Nowadays people know a lot about heart health, but there are many people who do not know much about the liver. Liver is the largest organ of our body. The liver has the properties of healing itself. If you cut and donate the liver, it comes back to its full size within 3-4 months.

Not only this, the liver of the person to whom you have donated the liver also grows in full shape and size. That is why the liver is called the doctor of the body. However, some things also make the liver sick. Drinking too much alcohol, eating fatty foods and not doing physical activity also affects the health of the liver. In such a situation, if you want to keep the liver healthy, then definitely take care of some things related to food and lifestyle.


What to do to keep the liver healthy?

1. Eat food that is rich in fiber  

To make the liver healthy, consume fiber-rich foods. For this, eat a lot of salad daily. High fiber foods keep the stomach healthy and reduce weight. This reduces the pressure on the liver. Eating salad detoxifies the body and the toxins accumulated in the body are removed.

2. Eat less oil and spices

Eating too much oil and spicy food has a bad effect on the health of the liver. Therefore, you should avoid eating less oily and deep fried things daily. Eat boiled or roasted things. Do not eat too many puris and parathas and use less oil in vegetables.

3. Stay away from sugary drinks and alcohol

If you want to keep your liver healthy, avoid consuming things with high sugar content. Do not consume outside packed juices and soft drinks. If alcohol is the enemy of the liver, then first of all stop drinking alcohol or reduce it completely. A woman should not drink more than 1 pack of 20 ml more than once a week. Whereas men should not drink more than 2 packs in a week.

4. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water

For the proper functioning of the liver, it is necessary to have plenty of water in the body. Therefore, you must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This detoxifies the body naturally and the bad substances are removed from the body through the toilet.

5. Exercise is important

Be it liver or any other organ, fat is the biggest enemy. To keep the liver healthy, do some fitness activity daily. Walk at least every day to digest the food and do intense exercise for 40-45 minutes. This will also keep the liver healthy.

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