The Dhapa Sisters Vlogs: A Fun and Familiar Watch

The Dhapa Sisters Vlogs on YouTube have gained a vast following and a loyal fanbase. They have over 244K subscribers with 17,454,941 views of their videos within a year of starting their channel.



The three Dhapa sisters, Riya, Priya, and Srishti began uploading their vlogs on 4 October 2022 on their YouTube channel. The first video was experimentation, showcasing some moments from the Dhapa family’s lives.


It received a lot of love due to its realistic and naturally funny context, and the Dhapa Sisters decided to carry on their vlogs.

dhapa sisters

The Dhapas is a middle-class family based in the heart of India in New Delhi. The Dhapa Sisters share lifestyle, travel, and fun-related videos in their vlogs, often featuring the other members of the Dhapa family. Their content relates to the daily-life antics and provides the much-given relief from all the hustle in the city.

They have gained a considerable following on Instagram, with around 19.6k subscribers. The Dhapa Sisters fandom keeps growing with every video on their vlogs, and pretty soon, they might be among the top Youtubers in India.

Here are some of the popular videos from the Dhapa Sisters Vlogs:

In this video, Peeru (Priya) is excited after her song with vlogger Sourav Joshi is released on YouTube. She and Srishti go to every Dhapa family member about their views on Peeru’s song. You will be delighted to see some of the funniest reactions from the Dhapa family. The video has more than 1 million views on YouTube and grows with each passing day.


The video has garnered more than 650k videos on YouTube. It shows Peeru’s journey from her home to school. People like me who used to travel for hours to reach their college will relate to Peeru’s struggle. Peeru also shows clips from her classroom in the college that might trigger your fond college memories.



In this hit video, Srishti starts the vlogs and funnily lets the viewers know that Babu (Riya) was supposed to begin the vlog today, but since she hasn’t, Srishti took up the mantle for starting the vlog. The video then the Dhapa Sisters’ journey from home to the railway station and their first experience on the train.


In this video, with more than 200k videos on YouTube, the Dhapa sisters and their family members go to Nainital to enjoy boating. The video is another light-hearted and fun journey of the Dhapa Sisters.


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